Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Glitter Letter Tutorial, No Photoshop Needed

Today is the last day Roland and I will celebrate our dating anniversary! Kind of bittersweet, but next year we'll be celebrating a year of marriage in October instead!!

I'm pretty excited about this post, my first tutorial! I love changing things up on my blog, but if you read my Shout out to designers post then you know I'm not a professional. I do, however, like playing with it and learning how to do new cool blog design things that I see else where. Like the title says you don't need photoshop, all you'll need to do is go to Pixlr and select the first box "Pixlr Editor". All the tutorials I search for end up being youtube videos, and I'm not a visual learner like that, give me a list and I'll read it and re-read it until I know how to do it. So, here you go for all you list learners (With pictures!). A list on how to make glitter letters without photoshop! 

You'll need a glitter background, you could google "free glitter background" or you can pinterest them (FYI, if you're looking for tutorials or fun bloggy things, pinterest is a gold mine.) This is the one I used:

Open pixlr, choose the Pixlr Editor box. It'll give you the option to "Create a new image", "Open Image from computer", open image from url, open image from library, or use pixlr on your mobile device, you want to create new image. 

It'll give you some options to add a title, change the size, or mark transparent. You can change the size if you want, but it doesn't really matter at this point. Check Transparent and click ok

On the left side where your tools are, select the text button 

Type out the text you want

Once that's typed right click the layer in the "Layer" tool box to the right (the one in the middle) (it'll probably say the text you typed) and select "MERGE VISIBLE". It will put everything on one layer. After that's done select the "Edit" menu, click select all and copy. You can copy using the edit menu or by ctrl + c. While that is still selected, select the file menu and click "open image" whatever glitter image you want. 

Once the image is opened, paste your copied text onto the layer. 

After the text is copied onto the glitter background, direct your attention (I feel like a flight attendant) to the "layers box" on the right hand side of the screen. 

With the text on the background and the Layer 1 selected, select the toggle button, change the mode to Alpha, the words will disappear. Right click the "Layer 1" line, select MERGE VISIBLE again. 

Voila! Glitter letters! Then just crop, save as .png, and you've got yourself some awesome glitter letters! 

Not too shabby for my first tutorial! If you have any questions let me know, comment or email me and I'll try my best to help you out! 

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  1. Amazing tutorial!
    It was so sweet of you to share this tutorial. c:
    Thanks a ton!!


  2. This is awesome. I LIKE you, damnit!

  3. I like this post! And I love your blog! Followed you here and on Bloglovin as well. I hope you'd check my blog too and follow-back. :)


  4. Ok, I think I'm doing something wrong here - every time I select all, copy, open new image, then try and paste nothing happens :( Am I missing something?! I'm so excited to be able to do this because I don't have photoshop!!

    1. Depending on the size of the image you're pasting the words on to you may have to chose the arrow button and move the pasted layer around. Once you paste check the "layer" box on the right side, it should say "layer 1" and "background" if it says layer 1, it's there, you'll just have to move it around to get the letters where you can see them.. I had this problem too at first.. I hope this helps! If not let me know!

    2. That worked perfectly! Thank you!

  5. This is awesome my only problem is even though I clicked transparent in the beginning when I saved the image it still has a white background :(