Wednesday, April 2, 2014

You know what Wednesday means

If you want to know how to make some awesome glitter letters like those, check out yesterday's post
Alright, apparently there's an invitation theme, Becky at A Girl and Her Sparkles talked about wedding invitations too... except she talked about avoiding costs by making your own. For some of us less creative people, there are still ways to save money, and get some just as awesome as hers! 

I'm sure you've all heard of Etsy, it's the sight of creative geniuses, where they sell stuff they make that people less creatively inclined can but it! Praise Jesus. If you're anything like me, you'll scroll through Etsy and think "man I could make that.. totally.. it can't be THAT hard.." 6 months later when you STILL haven't made said object, it's so much easier to order it... Call me lazy, but I just know it won't turn out as cute as what they already made for me to buy.. 

moving on... 

I was searching for wedding invitations that I liked which is a greater feat than I originially thought it would be. I mean just search "Fall Wedding invitations" it gets out of control quick. While I was going to every wedding invitation website that offers free samples, I stumbled across Etsy's invitation page. 
Inner monologue:
"Wow, $20 for an invitation? that can't be right.. let me check this out.... ooooo it comes with a save the date annndddd RSVP?... hmm intrigued. Downloadable file? and they print it off? no just downloadable file.. interest sparked. Ok so I can purchase this file with all the appropriate information on it and print it out myself? Only $20-$40? Sold, sold, and sold." 
Then the hunt begins, you find one you love, purchase it, add your info to it, and they send you the file! You can print it out at a print shop, or at home! 

Some printable invitation examples:

Printable Wedding Invitation Suite Floral wedding invite vintage style, rustic wedding RSVP enclosure, DIY invitation set - Do it yourself

Chalkboard Wedding Invitation with Bright Flowers DIY PRINTABLE Digital File or Print (extra)

Printable Wedding Invitation and RSVP Bundle // Vintage Floral // Wedding Invitations // Spring Wedding Invitation // Fall Wedding
These are just a few invitations that I found, loved, and favorited. I'm obsessed with the big flowers on these invitations. I just have to find some the right color to fit in with the Tuscany/chalkboardy/wine theme.. 

Be sure to check out Becky's post to see how she made her awesome invitations! 

What invitation route are you taking? Map
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  1. The printable route is so convenient! We went with invitations from and saved a TON! They have a 40% off sale for invitations (not including reply cards or other inserts, though).

  2. What a wonderful idea! I had now idea Etsy had something like that. So budget friendly and they all look so beautiful! stopping by from the link up!

  3. I did this for two baby shower's I just hosted. Fortunately my mom printed them for me for free at her job. I didn't want to ask her to do the same for our wedding programs though, as she's already done so much. We got 100 5x7 double sided color programs done at Staples and it cost $120 (after a 20% off coupon) to have them printed and cut to size. Still so much cheaper than what we spent on our wedding invitations, accomodation cards and RSVP cards!

  4. I have always loved flowers on cards and invitations. Ever since I could figure out what kind of cards I liked, I have liked those. They look so inviting and a good designer can do all sorts of things with them to make them unique. There are also so many flowers to choose from that you will never lack good ideas.

    Blanca Hoffman @ Marketing theProduct