Friday, April 4, 2014

The Bump it List

Yesterday was so overwhelming with post ideas that I didn't even get one out. With the 32 Things That Make You Happy Link up with Erin and Sarah, AND Kay's 36 Best Blog Post Ideas, AND this bump it link up. Divide and conquer, divide and conquer. 

The bump it list, started by Kalyn and Brooks. The exact opposite of a "bucket list", all the things you know are never going to happen, because you're going to put your foot down and say "Not no, but hell no." So here's mine.

-I'll never own another small car. I went from a mustang to an Edge, and I'm never going back. 

-I'll never get another visible tattoo. I have a tattoo on my foot and regret it. At least if I end up getting one that's always covered (i.e. hip, upper rib, ya know the most painful places) I'll be the only one subjected to seeing it. 

-I'll never join the Armed Forces. My dad was in the army, my brother is in the air force, I'll leave it to them to do that. I'll just be over here blogging and getting my hair done.... 

-I'll never sell Mary Kay. Mary Kay is an amazing company and I've seen some true life rags to riches stories. My whole family sells Mary Kay and I'm so awed by people that can do that. It takes a lot of gumption and perseverance that I don't have. 

-Dye my hair blonde. I've always had darker hair. I'm currently rocking an ombre trend which I'm so in love with I'm going to keep for a while. But all over blonde would not look good on me at all. Not to mention I'd have to get it touched up on a bi-weekly basis and I don't have the $$$$ for that kind of craziness.

-Swimming in a lake. I love the ocean. We lived in Hawaii for 7 years, so give me a beach or give me death. Not really death, but that is my level of love for sand and sea water. In Oklahoma they don't have sea water that you can sea (sea what I did there? Ok, done) to the bottom of. Lakes aren't like that, they're muddy, cloudy, and hold scary things. The ocean has colorful fish that tickle when they swim around your toes. Oklahoma lakes are too muddy to see anything so there is literally NO telling what just touched you. Was it a fish? Maybe.. Alligator? Probably. Skin eating leech? Most likely, get out get out get out now.

I'm sure there are about a million other things that I'll never do, but I can't think of anything else... all the other one's I've read were like scuba diving, which I'd do in a nano second, sky diving, which I would probably do if given the opportunity and it was free. 

What is your bump list? 
Happy Friday Y'all! Map

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