Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Good morning, sunshine.

Usually I blog from work, but it's been so crazy lately, you'd think I worked in a tax office or something. 
So here I am on Monday night getting ahead of things and posting for the week (hopefully). 
Thankfully, Kay at The Best of Intentions posted a list of 36 Best Blog posts, and boy are they. 
My favorite one is probably "Ten things you learned from Criminal Minds," but since I'm not up on my CM, I tweaked it a little bit to 10 things I learned from my favorite tv shows. But that's not even the one I'm doing right now, right now we're talking about routines. As you know by now, all of my family is in Mary Kay, so when I was growing up a cleansing routine was pretty much beat into me. Cleanse, tone, moisturize in the morning, cleanse, tone, treat, moisturize at night. Since I've started experimenting with different cleansers and moisturizers my routines have changed quite a bit. So here we go, my morning routine:

Ugh, alarm, hush. *snooze x5* Ok, gotta drag my lazy butt out of bet. Feed the babehs.
Turn on water, hot hot hot hot hot, ok better. clean my face. -I use my clairsonic on low, and an oily/sensitive skin proned cleanser.- Time to sprint downstairs (because my house is almost always cold) and make coffee (or tea, depending on how British I'm feeling that morning.) Now, making my way back up stairs is going to be tricky since my cup is overflowing. Ow Voldemort 
(the cat), now is not the time to play. If I spill coffee on you, there's no one to blame but yourself..
Alright, alright, alright. Head back to my cleansing area (aka the bathroom) to spot treat. Sip some coffee (most important step) Moisturize. -Lately I've been using a normal/sensitive skin moisturizer to keep my skin from getting too dry. I read on Caroline Hirons blog that just because you have spots on your face, a bump here and there, you don't treat your whole face like you have acne. Genius that woman is. Anyways..-
Alright coffee, lets make this face beautiful presentable. 
I prime with Clinique discoloration primer, while my primer sets I prime my eyes. Then I use my Sephora beauty blender (the $13 one, it's a little yellow miracle worker) to apply my Clinique Better Skin foundation (I honestly couldn't tell you if that's what it's really called... that's the gist of it. Foundation that is better for your skin.) -I read somewhere that if you apply your powder BEFORE your foundation it helps it to last longer, I haven't yet tested this theory, but if you have what do you think? Does it help? Let me know.-
Moving on, foundation, check. Let's try some eyeshadow... Alright Naked pallet, I'd like to not look like a toddler left alone with crayons for too long.. andddd I look like a clown. That'll have to do. Ok why does it look weird.. foundation, eye shadow, brows? neh not today. Oh, eyeliner. ugh.. eyeliner. I've been wearing liquid eyeliner off and on for as long as I can remember, and it's still my most dreaded part of putting on makeup. Does it ever get easy?. 
Alright, now all I have to do is apply some mascara and I'm done. 25 minutes to spare?! Let's see, I could get dressed and head to work early..... oooooorrrrr I could climb back into bed for a few precious moments. Back into bed I go. 
 Before I start the long grueling process of trying to decide what to wear. 
Alright, clothes on, face on, hair pulled up.  I guess it's time to go, goodbye babehs, goodbye bed, goodbye coffee. Till next time. 

What do you do in the morning?
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  1. "Or tea, depending on how British I'm feeling that morning" HAHAHAH.. Also, my mom and I both sell Mary Kay, so I'm totally with you on the facial cleansing situation! Anddd now that you're the thousandth person to mention a beauty blender, it's time I get one!

    Oh and ummm I love you and you rock my face off! Which sounds gross.. but it was meant to be cute.. Whatever, you get the idea.

  2. Haha this sounds similar to how I wake up too :)


  3. i enjoyed reading your daily make up routine, thanks for letting us know the products you use!

  4. YOU HAVE A CAT NAMED VOLDEMORT?!?!?! I have been saying that I want to get a cat and name it Voldemort!! I've never heard of putting powder on before foundation but that doesn't sound like a good idea to me. I use the powder to set my foundation and I feel like the makeup would get clumpy if you did powder first. But I could be completely wrong. If you want to try it, make sure you have enough time to start over if you need to!! And I saw your picture on twitter today... your eyeshadow looks great!!

  5. lol @ tea - love it. im always feeling british-or rather, aussie. also, you win the cat naming of all life.