Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Good night, moon.

Well hello Wednesday. You're my second favorite day of the week. The middle, almost Friday, close enough away from Monday. You're just right, you're like the last porridge that the girl in the woods ate, she ate the whole bowl. Then she took a nap. Now I'm hungry and I want a nap.... 
Yesterday I pull from Kay's list of awesome blog posts, today I'm going rogue. Since I did a morning routine post yesterday I'm getting crazy creative today and doing a night routine. Boom. Didn't see that coming did you? Full of surprises over here. Surprises and Easter candy. 
So here we go, my night routine:
Generally I go to the gym 3-4 days a week, so let's pretend I've praised sweet baby Jesus that the day is over, I've cursed my mom for kicking my butt at the gym, and I'm on my way home to my couch and my babeh's (including Roland).
Honey, I'm hhhhhooooommmmeeeee (I say to the cat because Toby is in his kennel and Roland isn't usually home yet.) Let Toby out, and try to keep Voldemort inside at the same time (it's a circus act believe me.) After that I turn the t.v. on and have a snack while I watch USA, whatever is on I'm not too picky, usually it's either Law and Order: SVU -my favorite- or NCIS of some sort. By the time I'm done with my snack Roland's home and we try to decipher what we're going to have for dinner.. If I've pulled something out to make it's a lot easier. If I haven't then it's usually every man for himself. After we eat, watch some tv, play with the babehs, I hop in the shower. First I take my make up off, lately I've been using the Purpose make up remover because it takes off my mascara and eyeliner too without burning my precious baby blues. Then I wash/condition my hair, sing a song, contemplate life, maybe shave my legs, sing another song, and rinse the conditioner out of my hair. Then I wash my face with my clairsonic, this varies what cleanser I use lately I've just been using whatever is in the shower which has been St. Ives Tea Tree cleanser. Rinse, get out, and dry off. Now what... oh right, leave in conditioner in hair, I guess I'll get dressed now.. Pajamas, check, back to the bathroom. -This part is different, sometimes I'll do a mask and while it dries I'll go back down stairs probably eat something else and watch tv (Roland's usually asleep at this point). When I don't do a mask I spot treat any bumps on my face, then I apply Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum (if you ever make one high end beauty purchase it should be this nectar of the skin gods.) Then I moisturize and go back downstairs to relax/creep blogs until I'm sleepy. 
What is your night routine?
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  1. For some reason, I can't shower at night, I have to when I get up. But my sis swears by showering at night!