Monday, March 31, 2014

The Facebook Disease

I've had hiccups for 30 minutes. I'm about to go to the hospital and have them cut me open to get this shit to stop. Everyone thinks it's so cute when babies or puppies have hiccups, its not cute. It's annoying. 

Remember before Facebook and even MySpace, if people wanted to talk bad about you, they would tell they're friends and it would spread like wild fire from there? Myspace changed it all. 
Some ways you expressed your anger using Myspace?

1. Moving them down or taking them completely off your top 8.
2. Filling out one of those fun questionnaires and posting it on the message board.
3. Changed your "About Me".

Then Facebook came along and people would write cryptic messages in their statuses with a threatening ending point "you know who you are" or "if you even think this is about you, it probably is." 
This has what brought us to this disease.

Maybe I'm the only one that thinks this, but when I read something like that I automatically analyze everything I've done in the past 30 or so days with said person that could have upset them. Even if I know that they couldn't possibly be talking about me. Weird? Probably. 

I first started realizing I had this disease when I read a post/tweets from Erin at Two Thirds Hazel, talking about someone who stole her blog layout, like image for image ripped that awesomeness off for their own. When I read this in my head I knew I had rightfully downloaded my template, so I had nothing to worry about. But, crazy weirdo Sarah double checked Erin's site and my own to make sure she wasn't talking about me... If she had been, I would have been a) mortified and b) probably deleted my blog. 

Today, it really sunk in that I had this Myspace disease. I was reading Whitney's post she had written today about someone's post that she had read that had offended her, starting with the title. Before I even read the rest of the post I went back to my blog to go through all of my posts to make sure that none of the titles were offensive. So I knew she wasn't talking about me, whew. Then some of the comments gave more information away that I could specifically say, Nope, not my blog. 
I know they do this to keep the identity of the person secret as to not put them on blast, which is appreciative. But I think there should be some sort of disclaimer at the top of those posts: "This post is about someone, I have emailed them, if you think this is you check your email. Have a nice read."
Is this a serious problem? Probably not, but it sure makes me feel like a weirdo!

Surely I can't be the only one with this problem! 
What about you? Map


  1. I love love love Whitney's blog, but I feel she's in the wrong. If a post offends you don't post about it. That's passive aggressive and just as harsh. Blogging is for expressing whatever it is that's on your mind or that you feel you enjoy writing about. Even if it was your post, you'd have nothing to be sorry for. Maybe to Whitney personally if you felt that bad.
    Stealing designs is huge. Posting about the particular person who did it is smart, as long as you contact them to immediately take it down first. If they don't agree to do so. then post away and the blog world will know what they did.
    Don't stress so much on what others think of your work. Only worry about yourself and your morals. c:


  2. Gah! Hiccups are the worst!!