Friday, March 28, 2014

Kill 'em with Freakin' Kindness

I've come across a couple different things this week, that just annoy me to no end. The kind of annoyance that gets under your skin and you can't let go until you tell someone about it. So, you're going to hear about them. 

1. Conditioners in a jar. Who. came up. with this? "Yes, they're hands are going to be slippery so lets put it in a jar that they have to twist open, scoop out some product, then twist close, all while not trying to drop it or the product they scoop out." I hate you, whoever puts their product in jars like that. I used to use Ponds make up remover, but it also came in a jar. Extremely inconvenient. In this day and age where I'm surrounded by things that are created solely for my convenience, this packaging was not a smart move. 

2. The Xbox Kinect. Last night I was trying to catch up on The Blacklist while writing some wedding things out. Every time I moved my hand more than once, the kinect would register it and either rewind the show or stop it.... I hate the kinect. It did this at least 4 times before I gave up all hope and went up stairs. When Roland got home last night I told him to unplug it, we rarely use it and I'd rather have to plug it in once a month that have our neighbors think I'm crazy because I'm cussing when I'm the only one home. 

3.   Rude people on the phone. I'm not talking about patients calling me with complaints, that I expect. I'm talking about when I call someone (a company or secretary) and they're rude to me for no reason. Yesterday Roland called our insurance company to find out why it was so much this month, she was a straight up bitch. Like a good neighbor my ass, State Farm. It's not our fault she was having a bad day. We didn't call to be rude, or to have an attitude, we just had a question as to why our insurance was so much more this month. Turns out it was her fault! She didn't give us the proper paper work to fill out. Even think about it now makes my blood boil. She tried to blame us that it was our fault that we never filled out the paper work (that we never had), and that we never paid our introduction fee (which we did). We have TWO charges from State Farm in January, why would we have two if we weren't asked to pay more? UGH. 

Those are the things that have been annoying me. The shower jars are bitches and the kinect is a bitch. Now I'm going to call Michelle from State Farm and kill her with freaking kindness.
 Because that's how you kill bitches, with freaking kindness. 

Thank goodness it's Friday! Map


  1. It drives me insane when people are rude for no reason! Do they not realize they can affect someone's whole day with their attitude. Come on people!

  2. Hahaha Sarah you always brighten my day :) I hope y'all get the insurance thing taken care of so you can enjoy your weekend- what a pain!

  3. Lip gloss in a jar drives me crazy! I hate putting my finger in jars or tubs,

    Hope you had a great weekend :)

    1. Right! Then you have lip gloss all over your fingers.. blah.