Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It's Wednesday, I'm here, barely.

I'm really hoping you guys don't think I pulled one of these this past week. Because I swear it wasn't on purpose. And now that I'm back, this post isn't going to even be all that interesting. So if you're not interested in how overwhelmed I am at the moment, keep on moving people. (sorry) (not sorry) (hash tag) 

I used to think I wanted to be a wedding planner. I'm pretty organized. Pretty good at making lists. Pretty good at getting people where they need to be when they need to be there.. etc. I have proven myself wrong. There is no way in hell I could be a wedding planner. Seriously. No wonder they make so much money, because it's no joke. Everyday I suggest to Roland that we should just elope. I'll wear my dress, he can still get a new suit (because that's the part he's most excited about) and we'll just run to the courthouse. 

Here comes the brain dump and as I'm telling you this my mom is calling the florist so, thank God for her. 
Within this month (BECAUSE THERE'S ONLY THREE MONTHS LEFT PEOPLE.) my Grandmas is coming for a weekend, we're meeting with a florist, I have to call and schedule a cake testing (which you'd think I'd be on top of because, hello, cake.) We have to start our marriage counseling so our pastor will actually marry us, we have to set up an appointment with our photographer because we still haven't taken engagement pictures (and we've been engaged for a year and a half), so I wanted to get that done this month. Roland's taking his vacation the end of this month and I'm out of vacation days and the days I was GOING to take off which would be after my vacation rolled over are already taken by someone else.... so now all I can take is Tuesday and Wednesday and how much fun is that two random days in the middle of the week... and on top of all of that, my "bachlorette party" is on the weekend of Roland's vacation. As excited as I am to see my best friends all in one place painting Lorax trees on a canvas (because we're adults and that's what Catherine and I picked.. duh) and drinking wine.... I'm sad I won't get to spend that time with Roland since he works most of the time and we rarely get to spend whole weekends together.. I know that's dumb and everyone reading this is thinking "omg you live together you see each other all the time.." I wish it were so... 

We both work during the day, so we see each other for about an hour in the morning where our "get ready time overlaps" and then we're off, I go to the gym after work until about 6:30, he gets off at 6 ish, he comes home, changes, I come home cook dinner, we finally sit down and have time to talk about our day which has been over taken by talking about wedding and money (which is never a fun topic), by then it's 8:30-9:00 and time to shower/get ready for bed (not sorry that we're old and usually in bed by 10:00ish) 

I started to write a paragraph on how I know this post isn't going to get read the whole way through because there's no pictures, or even gifs (gasp) and it's very "wordy" and no one even cares. But I remembered that Kay spoke these words so perfectly a couple days ago. So even if you didn't read this whole post. Go read hers

Here's to it being Wednesday. Here's to making it through these next couple months alive and without killing anyone, or eloping. 

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  1. I'll be thinking about you Sarah! You can do it - it will go so fast!

  2. Girl I hated every ounce of wedding planning. EVERY. OUNCE. The good news is the honeymoon is completely worth it because you're like NO I AM NOT MOVING FROM THIS LOUNGE CHAIR EXCEPT FOR COCKTAILS.

    Slash marriage kicks wedding planning's little scrawny ass.

  3. Oh, wedding planning. Part of me missing doing it & the other part is SO glad that it's over. It's not easy but let me tell ya, it'll be worth all of this stress & everything will go as it should. So, try not to stress too much about it, girlie. :)

  4. Blahhhh I'm so worried about this!!!! I truly hope this wedding planning surprises me, because right now it's sounding like nonsense... You got this- hey, maybe only having those two random days will make y'all really really appreciate every second of them together!!!