Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Worst Blogging Ideas Ever

Good morning! It's currently 6:50 and I'm eating oatmeal out of a cup. Does it get any better? (could I have any more dirty bowls?) 
As a blogger, I'm constantly googling things about blogging. "Ways to connect with your readers" "Great blog post ideas" "blogging tips no one knows about" and of course "blog post ideas" I was doing this a couple days ago (ok weeks.. so I can't remember the website) but I came across a website with apparently 100 (it may have been more than that like 126) GREAT blog post ideas. 
As I was reading the apparent awesome post ideas, I became extremely disheartened. 
This is how people are going about getting followers? It's not even worth it if this is apparently "the way" to do it. 

They were seriously the worst blog post ideas ever. So naturally I'm going to share them with you. 
Wow, aren't we all here for the same reason? To express ourselves? If I knew that there was someone ready and waiting to criticize every word? This was the most annoying one out of the bunch. If you seriously have NOTHING better to do but criticize someone else's personal thoughts and actions... maybe spin it around and criticize YOUR OWN blog post or YOUR OWN actions. 

I'm all for unloading, I mean it's your space to say whatever you want. Got a secret? Share it. Don't share your dirtiest secret that could potentially get you in trouble at work, or one that involves other people, what if they don't want that secret out on the internet? And why are you doing this just to get followers? Great, you shared a secret gained 2 followers, are they going to stick around for the posts without your darkest secret? 

First of all, log files? I imagine text message screen shots. Again, what if the person your texting doesn't want this intense conversation on the internet for literally anyone to find. LITERALLY. And why does it have to be offensive? I like emoji conversations where you tell a story with the smiley faces. Why can't people post more of those?

"Let your imagination free"? Conspiracy theories are a touchy subject. I guarantee if you willy nilly one from thin air you're going to lose followers, and probably friends.. There not something that you can just make up on a whim. There are YouTube videos upon YouTube videos about all the different conspiracy theories and how elaborate they are, but you're just going to come up with one off the top of your head and expect it to fly? Let's hope the government doesn't find you. 

What? Just... what? "people might get mad at you, but that doesn't matter" WHAT?

I don't mind when people get new things and they want to show it off. Heck I've done it a couple times myself... but a whole post of all the nice things you own? a. who cares? b. who cares? c. did I mention who cares? Chances are I don't read your blog because I like seeing all the things you have that I don't. 

Isn't that what the "popular" page/widget is for?

I can't even comment on this. 

Happy Tuesday! 

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  1. .... What?! I seriously hope no one does any of these. These are terrible. Who made this list? What were they actually thinking?!

  2. These are all straight up WEIRD. All designed for maximum controversy rather than maximum engagement.

  3. This is the strangest thing I've ever read...

  4. Um, eating oatmeal out of a cup? You just became my favourite person! Haha if I eat cereal/oatmeal type foods then it is ALWAYS out of a cup! ...And I also hope that no one does any of those things haha. Certainly attention gathering but perhaps not in the way you really want ;(