Tuesday, June 17, 2014

PSA: Leggings

I'm a huge legging supporter. Mostly because I loathe real pants. When Roland and I move I'm seriously going to consider getting a job at Dicks because they get to wear jogging pants EVERYDAY. Who wouldn't want to do that?!

But not everyone should wear leggings. And no one should wear leggings the same color as their skin. I mean, think about it, when you're in a play and they want someone to appear NAKED they put you in flesh toned spandex. I'm not even real sure why they would sell nude or brown leggings in the first place. If you're wearing nude ones, why wear leggings at all. If you're wearing brown ones chances are you can wear black. Because black and brown do not make you frown.. all the time.. I mean don't wear a brown top with black pants because that's not ok.. I digress. 
Following up on the don't wear flesh colored leggings topic, no one should wear leggings with a camisole..... ever. Now I'm no fashion blogger, and I guess in reality you can do whatever you want.. when I'm in my house I wear leggings and whatever tshirt I can find, but to be in public, wearing a camisole that doesn't even fully cover your torso, much less the ass that your putting on blast in those flesh colored leggings, is not kosher. It's a train wreck, so awful you can't look away. 
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This PSA announcement was brought to you by my neighbor, who I almost ran over because she walked behind my car without paying attention to what the heck she was doing. And was also wearing flesh colored leggings and a camisole that showed her tummy.

Now that I have that off my chest. Photos from this weekend. 

Went to my first baseball game this weekend! It was fun, not too hot. The best part was walking across the street afterwards for Marble Slab ice cream.

Got to spend time with this little munchkin. I know everyone says this. But he is seriously the cutest nephew I have. (also the only nephew I have but that's neither here nor there.) 

Me and my mom at Toby Keiths. It was pretty good... I didn't think it was that different from other places. Also, try not to pay attention to that huge mountain on my chin. I'm going to the dermatologist on Thursday so maybe he can help me... Pic monkey couldn't even get rid of that guy. Maybe I should name it. 

Have a fabulous Tuesday!

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  1. OMG the flesh colored leggings... NOT OKAY. I'm glad you went to a baseball game!! Keep going to them and eventually you'll love the game more than the marble slab ice cream... ok maybe not but you should definitely go to another game. Your nephew is adorable!

  2. Oh my goodness oh my goodness how I love this post. AMEN to the leggings rant, because I too love leggings, but homegirls like your neighbor give legging-wearers everywhere a bad rep!

  3. Why are flesh colored leggings a thing? Seriously.. don't wear those in public.. ever. Also BABY! So cute!

  4. Nude leggings creep me out. Just wear black. Black goes with everything.

  5. Sweet mother of everything that is holy... that is NOT a good look! bahahaha

  6. I'm solidly on team LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS. Flesh colored or not.

  7. I've tweeted about this before. I'm glad it was said in a blog. flesh colored leggings are bad. just a hard no.