Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Most Important meal of the day

Let me tell you guys, I have my priorities straight. Last night I tried to pre-write a post. That definitely didn't work. But I did pre-make my breakfast. And boy am I glad I did. This is Roland's favorite thing of mine, that I make. And it's so healthy (which is all the rage now... so is pre-preparing. Because you can never be TOO prepared I guess)

There's lots of different ways you can make this, but I've been making this for years, let me just tell you all the healthy/tasty ingredients it has in it. Hope you guys have your pens and paper ready towards the end of this post, you're going to want this breakfast recipe. 

It has Oatmeal. MMM This is the only reason we even buy oatmeal.... there's really no other way it gets eaten in our house. Oatmeal has all kinds of good ingredients for you. Fiber... probably some protein.... I would bet there's some carbs since people say that's what sticks with you is carbs, and oatmeal sticks with you. My mom says it sticks to the inside of your stomach to make you think your full.. win win. 
Cocoa. Because I love chocolate, and who wouldn't want to have it for breakfast??\
A Hint of Vanilla. To bring out the flavor in the cocoa. 
Peanut Butter. I actually don't like peanut butter, but it's ok when there's a ton of other stuff going on. 

-are you drooling yet? I should have brought some extra with me to work.-

Milk. I use Almond Milk for EVERYTHING. It's delicious and doesn't have all the bad stuff that milk could have, that and I'm the only one that drinks milk anyway so it doesn't bother Roland. 
Alright, so far we have carbs so it's going to stick with you, vanilla and cocoa so it's sweetened and delicious. And peanut butter for protein. 

I also toss in a little sugar and butter to really bring out the flavanoids of the cocoa. Because apparently those are good things..... they just sound like a drug to me, and Google thinks I mean paranoids. 

Alright, so that's it! And you have a delicious pre-made breakfast! 
and it's super easy. It takes maybe 15 minutes total! 

Yup. I had no bake cookies for breakfast y'all. #noshame. 

Boil the sugar, milk, butter, and cocoa for a minute (until the sugar disolves). Take it off the heat once it's boiled, add vanilla and peanut butter. Stir the peanut butter till it melts, then add the oats. I use creamy peanut butter, because who has crunchy peanut butter on hand?

Go make some breakfast.

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  1. HAHAHAH.. You kind of had me going for a little bit there! But no-bakes are my favorite cookies, so I approve of this post x23902.

  2. I keep seeing these on Pinterest and I think I have to actually make them using your recipe now, they look delish!

  3. I loooove no-bake cookies! One of my favorites! And def breakfast worthy! ;P