Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tuesday Afternoon

So the last couple weeks I've been going to the gym after work. I go home for lunch, I pack a bag then and leave it in my car until gym time. Thursday I packed a bag, ended up NOT going to the gym and forgot about my bag in my backseat. Monday I packed another bag and ended up not going to the gym again (I know you're sensing a trend huh..) 
So yesterday when my mom called to tell me she was definitely going to the gym I was like, cool, I have a gym bag in my car already I don't have to worry about packing one on lunch I can do whatever the heck I want! (I sat at the computer, read blogs, and tweeted in case you were wondering.) 

So it's 5 o clock, I go out to my car, luckily I decide to double check my backseat to make sure at least one of my bags is back there. 

I didn't take them in so I text Roland a million times asking him if he moved my bags because I didn't remember seeing them inside the house anywhere and there's no reason he would have put them in his car so now I'm stressing out because those bags had my favorite gym clothes in them. TWO pairs of tennis shoes, my BEST sports bras, ugh. Since Roland was at work he couldn't text me back right away so I just went home and changed and went to the gym. Finally he text me back to inform me that no, he didn't move my bags. Great. Now where are they?

So after I get home and I'm cooking dinner, I was telling Roland about my bags and how I know I didn't move either of them out of my car (because nine times out of ten I don't move anything out of my car). He was like, what do I get if I go out there and find them? All of my love and affection for the rest of my life, I told him. 

He goes out there, to come back empty handed. 
So we came to the conclusion that they had to have been stolen. Probably while I was at lunch, which means it was probably someone here in our complex. And my favorite gym stuff is gone forever. 

I'm still annoyed about it. 
Have a fabulous Wednesday. 

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  1. That's horrible! I'd be annoyed too. Are there any marks that indicate someone broke into your car? UGH. Gym clothes are a small fortune.

  2. WHAT? Why would somebody do that?? I've always felt that if things are in a bag then they're safe from the possibility of being stolen. I'm so sorry! I really hope they just randomly turn out and you don't have to replace everything.

  3. Omg this is such a sad story! I reallllllllly hope you find them. Because good sports bras are hard to come by :(