Monday, June 30, 2014

Tv show Hoarding

You guys, I discovered this weekend that I have a real problem with TV Show hoarding. 
Maybe hoarding is the wrong word to use, but I currently can't find another one to suit my condition. 
My symptoms, you ask? 
I will watch anything on tv. Seriously, ANYTHING. (ok maybe not ANYTHING ANYTHING... but just about.) For example... the other day I turned it to channel 18 (USA) to watch Law and Order: SVU. It wasn't on.... some other "character" show was on, Suits or Royal Pains, or I was sitting there long enough to watch both.. I don't know if you guys have seen them, but they're good. Not good enough for me to find it somewhere and catch up, but good enough for me to watch it when it's on. Which is not a serious problem at the face of it. But we have to dig deeper. 

When someone tweets or says "OMG SUITS." or "OMG DONNA" I say something like "OMG I LOVE THAT SHOW" then they proceed to talk about other episodes where OMG moments happened and I'm so confused because I only watched that one random episode on the day that Law and Order wasn't playing.. then I just awkwardly grin and nod while they go on about all these people that I've only watched once.. 

Maybe my real problem is with the word love.. I use it an awful lot. I love tv shows that I've only seen once? 
Maybe I should stick to watching Law and Order on Hulu so I don't get distracted by other shows.

Alas, I can't be the only one that has this problem!
Short and sweet today, my computer is wigging (do people still say that?) out and I just realized how much I have to do at work today. AH.
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Happy Monday people. Turn your swag on.  

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  1. hahahha that GIF is actually the best GIF I've seen since one of Tyra Banks (that girl's cray). Luckily for me, I don't have the attention span to actually watch a show unless I'm 100% committed!

  2. If my shows are not on I will watch just about anything as well. I've been a reality tv junkie lately which is weird for me because I usually do not watch reality tv. Especially the shows I've been watching lately.

  3. Usually I'll accidentally start watching a show the same way you did, BUT then I'll actually fall in love with it and need to find ways to watch every single episode. It's a serious problem that I have.

  4. Don't worry - I do this too :)

  5. BAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA... that gif... I've seen it before and I forgot how awesome it was until I saw it again. It should win an award or something!
    I'm a TV freak, too. To the point where if I had to choose between living off of Ramen noodles or giving up cable to save a few extra bucks, I'd live off of Ramen.

  6. Ahhhhhh I cannot watch shows in the middle of series/seasons. Hate it. I have to see it from the beginning. Same with the episode, I refuse to watch if I missed even five minutes of it. Crazy? Maybe. But so true.