Thursday, July 10, 2014

I'll be your tour guide!

Have you ever google image searched your hometown? Well this morning I was thinking "I should do a post about Lawton, it's got a small town feel.. it's cozy, I enjoy it (for the most part)..... images. Let's see what we can find for Lawton, Oklahoma...." It pretty much went downhill from there.

So, if you ever get a wild hair to google image search Lawton, Oklahoma, consider me your tour guide. You're welcome. 


That's us, that red dot. 30 ish minutes from the OK/TEXAS border, 3 hours from Dallas, and 8 hours from San Antonio for scale. 

No we are not home to any royalty. Doesn't this look like something you'd see in India or something? Well just kidding, it's the Lawton, Oklahoma City Counsel building. 

Longhorn. (longhorns?) If you drive through the Wildlife Refuge these guys are just roaming around like they got nothing better to do with their lives but eat grass and chase down any bike riders. I made that last part up, but seriously who would ride their bicycle out here when these things are roaming free! PEOPLE ACTUALLY DO IT.

The longhorns roaming partners. Also free to chase down whomever they deem necessary. Needless to say, I stay in the car when we drive through these here parts. 

yup, that seems about right. This was one of the first 7 pictures. Saturday morning (the morning after the fourth of July) I was letting Toby out and found a FIRED BULLET on my sidewalk. Yes... I called my dad to tell him and he said "yeah there were two girls that got shot last night too.." like it was no big deal. Because stuff like that happens all the time in Lawton. Last year we won the record for most murders in the first 30 days of the new year. I know. Anytime you go anywhere else in Oklahoma and tell them your from Lawton, they always scoot a little bit away from  you, like the crime could rub off on them... like we've all been to jail or something.. I digress. 

We're green! We have a windmill farm! Not sure where exactly it is, or what exactly it powers, but by golly we have one. 

Johnny Depp comes here sometimes. He's a member of some Indian tribe (not racially insensitive.. there's just a lot of them and I don't remember..) He came here to release his movie "The Lone Ranger" and my friends and I sat outside the movie theater waiting for him.. but alas, we missed him... 

mmmmmm. Burgess Grill.... Best hamburgers ever. Seriously. It's making me hungry just thinking about how delicious they are. I wish I could explain them to you, but I can't, so you'll just have to come visit me and we'll go to lunch. (I won't let you get shot) Come before four, they have weird hours. 

Meers.. another place I'll take you on your trip! It's delicious, eclectic, and a place you'll NEVER forget. It takes about 20 minutes to get out there.. but it's worth it. 

That's a buffalo burger ladies and gents... actually it might be a longhorn burger. I think they serve both though. Clearly we'll need someone else as our tour guide, because I have no idea what I'm doing. 

 photo sig_zps21b089cf.png Map


  1. I love this. Sounds like an interesting lil town...except for the whole murder part. Eeek! & I love windmill farms! If I could have one in my backyard, I totally would. I love windmills. :)

  2. You're hysterical and now I totally want to write a post like this some time!!! Love how most of those first few images are a little bit blurry and lower quality, but my favorite is probably the police officer outside Hobby Lobby. DON'T GET MURDERED, SARAH.