Monday, January 27, 2014

Clairsonic Competitors: Mary Kay

This post has a really cool name, too bad because this will probably be the only other "Clairsonic competitor" I test (within the foreseeable future at least).

If you read my posts (thank you) you'll see that I mention Mary Kay atleast every other post. It's a force of habit really. Growing up that's ALL I used. My whole family sells it (literally, my Great Grandma, Grandma, Aunt, Mom, Great Aunt, Cousin, Aunt on my dad's side, it's ridiculous) so I never really saw the need to try anything else (that and my Grandma was a fierce Mary Kay sales woman, she poured my moms Clinique powder down the toilet when she was younger, so I was afraid to try anything else). Every time Mary Kay comes out with something new, she usually sends it my way (perks of being the favorite granddaughter of a National Sales Director, toot toot, sorry MB;) That's how I came across the Mary Kay Clear Proof system (I'll link it at the bottom) and the Time wise cleanser set, which I think everyone should at least try, even if you're not looking for an anti aging anything just yet. That time wise makes my skin so so so soft. For real y'all.

Anyways, my grandma sent me the new Mary Kay brush (which, funny story, she must have known they were coming out with for some time now, because when we went to visit her last year I showed her my clairsonic, with zero reaction out of her. She's still a Mary Kay natzi at heart.) Since you heard all about the clairsonic and how much I can't go without it, I figured I'd let you guys in on this little brush baby.

The Handle: Pro: the handle on the Mary Kay brush is the first thing I noticed. It's a lot easier to hold than the clairsonic. The MK is thinner and lighter. Con: it's lighter. I feel like I have to push really hard on it before it does anything to my face.. I can hardly feel it, which may be the point of their brush, but when I use my clairsonic I can feel it working. Not so much with this brush.

The Brush: Pro: These bristles are really soft, similar to the clairsonic. The brush's circumference isn't as large as the clairsonic so it's easier to get in and out of places (the clairsonic does have a feature on all the brushes, that the outside ring that's white, pops off, so you're left with the little colored center part. But let's be honest, that's a lot of work.) So I like that about the MK brush. Con: the bristles are really long. Like I said in the last post I don't know why that makes a difference but I promise you it does. This one also doesn't come with options, one and done, one size fits all...

The Power: I have nothing good to say about it, it doesn't move very quickly I don't feel, so like I said I have to push down really hard and I feel like I'm hurting my skin more than helping it. This does have two settings, but I honestly can't tell the difference. I will say, I like that this one isn't as loud. But if being loud is what un-clogs my pores, then by golly wake the neighbors for all I care. Also, it comes with batteries. It's not rechargeable, and I was afraid to take it in the shower, what if the water leaks in there?

If you were to ask me what I think about Mary Kay, I love it, they have good products, they are good at listening to their directors at what the customers want and they're usually on trend, but, I think this brush is a miss. If you have it and love it, let me know! I love hearing what other people have to say about the brushes since there are such diverse opinions.
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Hope you all had a fabulous Monday!

P.S. The Clear Proof cleansing system post! A saga about my acne battles and the step towards the cure.

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  1. No idea then even had one but I'm glad you reviewed it! I'll stay away!