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Skin Care Spiel: Clear Proof

Some "Skin Spiel" background: I had pretty clear skin through high school, about a gazillion years ago, sure I got the occasional pimple, but nothing like everyone else seemed to be going through. When I turned 18, my skin took a turn for the worst. Acne, all over my chin, it was hideous and here to stay. My whole family has sold Mary Kay. My Grandma was a National Sale's Director before she retired a couple years ago. My Aunt is a director in Atlanta, my mom was a red jacket for a long time. Anyways, before I get too far off topic. I tried everything Mary Kay had ever made for my acne, nothing worked. So I went through the drug stores, Clinique, Lancôme, proactive (shudder), it all worked for awhile and then stopped.. Until..... Mary Kay Clear Proof System!

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Let me tell you how awesome this stuff is. My grandma sent this to me to try and immediately I noticed a difference. Side note: I also use a Clair sonic, morning and night. I've been using this for about a year, at the least 8-9 months. I've gone through 2 cleanser bottles, 1 toner, 1 serum (which I didn't reorder and haven't had any side effects of), not even a whole moisturizer (I had to stop using it for winter weather, it was causing my face to dry up and peel, yuck.), and not a whole acne spot treatment. This stuff works, out of all the stuff I've tried, this has kept the acne at bay the longest. I do get a couple straggler pimples every once in a while, but I do a scrub, and use some acne treatment gel on it and it's usually gone (before it even comes to a head) the next morning.

I've had to do some switching around with the moisturizer, because my skin wasn't getting enough moisture it was causing it to over-produce natural oil AND peeling. YUCK. So I purchased a St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub. I love it. It's sloughs away the dead skin, and my face is bright and soft. I also started using the Mary Kay Oil Free Hydrating Gel during the day. It moisturizes my skin, but doesn't clog my pores, and doesn't make my face extra oily during the day. Next time I purchase a scrub I'll probably stick with St. Ives, but I want to try the Blemish Control Green Tea Scrub. There isn't any salicylic acid in it, so it shouldn't over dry my face.

The Breakdown:
I usually wash my make up off before I start the Clear Proof Process, I've been using the Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser. Then I use the Clear Proof with my Clair Sonic.
The Cleanser: Gel, it's gentle and smooth, a little goes a long way!! Remember this; I used a whole bottle in a little over 2 months because I was using such huge portions. A nickel size will do. There's not really a distinct smell that I can tell.
The Toner: doesn't have a nice smell, but it doesn't linger, be careful using this after a scrub it could sting. Leaves me feeling refreshed. Does have  tendency to dry out skin, use to your skin type.
The Serum: I haven't seen a lot of reviews on the serum, I don't think it's a necessity in the process, but it may work better for others. I like the way the serum feels, smooth almost like a primer, and absorbs into the skin; HOWEVER, I used up the whole bottle of mine and didn't re-purchase it and I haven't noticed a difference.
The Spot Treatment: I worship this spot treatment. I use it morning and night. I also use a mask on my stubborn spots, but this one usually does the trick. I have made a change recently that I think makes a HUGE difference. Instead of applying it with my fingers, I use a q-tip. So the bacteria on my fingers doesn't pack down the pimple. I suggest everyone do this.
The moisturizer: This was great during the summer, when it's 120º out side. But during the winter it is very drying. Don't be afraid to switch it up. See your consultant and maybe he or she can suggest something else that might be more beneficial.

NOTE: Just because one of the products in the system isn't working, doesn't mean it won't work with other add-ons. You need to figure out what works with your skin. One thing I learned in my fight against acne is don't beat your skin up because it's not cooperating. Work with it. You only have one skin for the rest of your life.
The Mary Kay website breaks down the system more detailed here.

If you have any questions; ask away!

Stay Beautiful

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