Thursday, January 29, 2015

interesting title here

I always feel bad for Thursday, because people are glad that it's here, but too anxious/excited for Friday, so they usually drag by. Sorry Thursday.

Today's going to be pretty random, that's really all I can say to prepare you for this post:

» Our tub has a gash in it. That's right, a gash. How does this happen? AND WHO IS A TUB          DOCTOR? Here's hoping our apartment will replace it as opposed to just patching it (yeah right).

» Roland brought me Starbucks this morning, I know, I'm the luckiest girl alive.

» I'm pretty sure I'm going to need glasses. This morning when I turned my computer on it usually takes my eyes a couple minutes to adjust, but it took them like 30 to get it together this morning. 

» I got some new shoes yesterday, I know I know "but Sarah, what about your spending ban? Were these shoes $20?" NO THEY WEREN'T BUT THEY WERE TOO GOOD OF A DEAL TO TURN THEM AWAY AND ROLAND IS AN ENABLER (which is something I love about him). I got these awesome ankle boot wedges for the low low price of $49 doll hairs. And these boots that I've been pining for, for a long time for only $58. You can't turn shoes away at these prices, guys. 

» I'm really annoyed that it's starting to get light earlier. In the morning I get up and let Toby out at around 6:30 (7:00 lately) I literally roll out of bed throw on some pants, boots, and a jacket and we go outside. That's fine when it's dark and no one can see me standing there with my hair in a crazy bun, cheetah pajama pants, cheetah boots, and a t-shirt 3 sizes too big. But now it's light at 6:45. 

» It's so funny when we see these old men for long periods of time at work, and their wives make us treats. The husbands usually come in "My wife made these for you guys, for putting up with me for so long." 

» This weekend I'm going to a chocolate festival. Can you guys believe such a magical thing exists? I'm so excited. 

» Today is Kay's birthday!

» Last but not least, our internet issues still haven't been resolved. It's getting to the point where we might as well just cancel it and go through someone else, because it's kind of ridiculous how hard it is to CHANGE OUR ADDRESS. We've now gone 3 days without wifi. 

That's all for now folks.

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  1. I heart you so big! Except I'm mad at you for going to a Chocolate Festival without me. What kind of mean joke is that?! Also, can't resist a good shoe deal, especially for those cute shoes. So it's totally understandable.

    I knew this post was going to be amazing when it started out with how you felt bad for Thursday because it's neglected.

  2. You got me with all your Friends GIFs...I love Friends & I love GIFs, put them together & my cup overflowth with love. Tee hee!

    Happy Thursday, Sarah! :)

    Mandie ~