Friday, January 30, 2015

Renter's Life: Crack in the tub

Today I was trying to decide what to blog about, usually Friday is a crap shoot and if there's something that I really want out there in the world, it'll happen. Otherwise I try to just make it to 5 o' clock without physically harming anyone.

But today I felt the need to put my words out there, pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, is that enough analogies?

So I brainstormed, what can I write about, WHAT DO THE PEOPLE WANT TO READ? Then I remembered we live in a townhouse and awful landlord stories are ALWAYS FUN FOR OTHER PEOPLE. And the whole point of this blog to keep up with all our adventures.

So.... Yesterday morning Roland hopped out of the shower ran down the stairs and proceeded to bang around, then he carried Toby's kennel up the stairs and put it back in his room (Toby's room, not Roland's). Of course I was curious of all the commotion, but I was running late and was at least 6 minutes behind in the makeup applying process.

So while I was getting dressed Roland came in with the tragic words that would rock our world for the next 24 ours.. "Sarah, there's a crack in the tub" a what? A crack? That's right, ladies and gent (Roland), a crack. in. our. tub. Since the crack hadn't been noticed until after said shower, the water had leaked into our downstairs area, soaking the carpet and kitchen floor. Awe.Some.

So of course, as any apartment renter would do, I called the office, but our office is really terrible about calling back, or doing things the first time you ask, SO I called and called and called until someone answered (yes, I'm that person and I blame the healthcare industry for making me so). Finally I talked to someone and she said she would put a work order in and send someone out. "GREAT," I told her, "because we can't shower until it's fixed." That was that.

When I went home for lunch, it hadn't been fixed. But I'm not one to rush people, I realize that I have no idea how to fix a tub, maybe they went on a supply run.

Roland gets home at 3:00 ish, still not fixed, okay, now I'm a little worried. It's not like I have to wash my hair or anything but I do have to shower.

I get home at 5:00 and it still hadn't been fixed. At this point I knew they weren't doing it today. (I knew this because over the summer our air went out and even though it was supposed to be 90ยบ until 7:30 at night, they said they wouldn't bring us a temporary unit because it was already time for them to go home.) So now we start brainstorming, how are we going to shower, should we just go to our parents house, no because that would be a cop out, and my parents re-did their shower a couple months ago and it's just not the same anymore. So we decide duct tape (yes, we live in Oklahoma. The land where duct tape fixes everything) but of course, WE don't have duct tape, so we go to my parents house, but their not home.

So eventually we find some things that will work and we go home, watch Scandal, bicker about our taxes, and then it's time to shower.

This is about to get really ghetto, we Jerry-rigged the crap out of that tub, but it didn't leak, and I don't care what they have to do to get it off because if they had just come to fix it YESTERDAY we wouldn't have had to temporarily fix it ourselves.

We had found this foam stripping in my dad's shed, and "Rhino Tape" or carpet tape. That's right. The paper on top and glue on the bottom.

So we put the foam stripping over the crack, and then taped the carpet tape over it and pulled off the paper. Then I showered, and what do you know it. worked. Granted, it looks tacky, and that glue will probably be a bitch to get off, but again, IF THEY HAD FIXED IT YESTERDAY, it wouldn't have been an issue.

I will update you after lunch. We're all in this together.

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  1. uuuughhh I hate trying to get things fixed in a rental! SO obnoxious.