Friday, November 14, 2014

My love hate relationship with Twitter....

Twitter, a wonderful little invention. I know what half of my blogging friends had for breakfast and I knew that red cups at Starbucks were available probably before Starbucks even realized it was a big deal thanks to Ashten. (Ok so I guess Instagram gets some of this credit to) 
Unlike Facebook, I'm not annoyed by Twitter. Maybe it's because people only have 140 characters to express how they feel, or maybe it's because most of the people I follow on twitter are way more mature and interesting than any of the people I followed on Facebook (also read: people I went to high school with).  
Probably both are attributed to my love of Twitter, what I don't love about Twitter comes solely down to how I think. My humor. I'm one of the most sarcastic people, and I tend to speak before I think and that's how I became one of the funniest people Roland knows (see sarcasm.) but with Twitter, it's different.

Someone will post something and I'll think of something that I would normally just say, but as I'm typing my response I think "is it really that funny?" "what if they don't get it?" "what if they don't realize I'm being sarcastic and they get mad?" I know, I shouldn't worry about what other people thing, but I do, so sue me. 

So now I'm stuck in this favoriting rut, so know that if I favorite your tweet I probably had a retort that I thought was hilarious, but didn't know if you would think it's hilarious... so I just favorited it. 
you're welcome. 
Happy Friday.

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  1. Just go ahead and send me all of your retorts to any of my tweets. I'll just assume everything is said in a sarcastic tone, aka my own tone. HAH

  2. I totally approve of all any any sarcastic comments, whether they're on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Although on Facebook they'll probably just get buried by buzz feed articles….

  3. Please do respond. I live life with a sarcastic husband and if I'm ever deeply offended, I'll send you a lolcat. :)