Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A month in:

Well yesterday was the 18th of November. Meaning a month into being married to my best friend. I hate how cliche that sounds "I married my best friend" and I know some people think it's stupid that your husband shouldn't be your best friend, I've even read a couple blog posts where people vehemently insist that their husband is not their best friend, and then name a bunch of other best friends. Which is fine, to each their own.

I have other "best friends". My two best friends since high school who were also in my wedding. My friends that I worked with at Dillard's and still see occasionally. But it's something different, being married to your best friend. It's good to know, no matter what I've got someone in my corner, someone who loves me unconditionally (even though I am a bad gift giver), someone who is always on my side, and is also great at keeping me warm at night. (always a plus)

So, since I've been married a month now and we're both still breathing, obviously I'm an expert (just kidding), but I have learned a few things a long the way and oddly enough, they've been things about myself. So here they are:

1. I have a jealous side. I was never jealous when Roland and I were dating, even when we lived together I never really felt jealous. Well, we stepped off the plane in good ole' Oklahoma and it hit me like a brick wall. And of course because I've never really felt jealous, I also felt certifiable. Obviously you can't hit a wall of jealousy without at least a curb of crazy. Roland hadn't done anything, there was no reason for me to feel this way, it was un-explainable. It's died down a little bit now, but it likes to flare up every now and again. Maybe when I get a better grasp on it, I'll make a whole post because this is becoming a very long #1.

2. I've figured out my love language. For the longest time I thought it was gifts, because hello who doesn't feel good about getting things. Not even big things. Roland brought me home a piece of some brownies someone had made for the managers and I thanked him for a week, it's nice to be thought of. I've always been told that actions speak louder than words, but apparently that doesn't matter to me, because I'm a words girl. Words of affirmation.

3. I've figured out Roland's love language. He's an action speaks louder than words guy. Which is awesome that he shows me how he feels, but I can't always read those signals. This I can attribute to my mom and my brother. He used to talk with his hands, and I don't mean using his hands as added bonuses to the talking. Just his hands.  Like sign language almost. We used to yell at him "USE YOUR WORDS I CAN'T UNDERSTAND THIS" and do a lot of extraordinary hand motions, kind of mocking him. God that was annoying. Maybe it's not that I can't read them, more that it'd be a lot easier if he just told me "you look good today" rather than smacking my butt which means the same thing...

With that being said, I wouldn't have him any other way. Being in this learning phase has been eye opening in a good way.

Happy Wednesday!
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  1. Cuuuute picture! Excellent writing in the sentence "wall of jealousy, curb of crazy" I mean, brilliant and I laughed out loud. Is it weird that I'm not sure what my love language is? Is there a test for that? Hah! HAPPY ONE MONTH!

  2. Happy one month! Awhoo hoo! You two are so cute. :)

    Mandie ~