Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Every Kiss begins with K... Kay?

Disclaimer: I was not asked or paid to write this. All opinions are my own. 

Let's set the scenario: It's a lazy Sunday afternoon, Roland and I had just changed into our comfy clothes from our church clothes, and were sitting on the couch with Macy and Toby. I call my mom to tell her that, yes, I did call my Uncle to thank him for the wedding gift so they can get off my back, when all of a sudden, I glance at my left hand and notice something's off. My beautiful, recently soldered wedding ring looks toothless. Yet another stone has fallen out.

In January when Roland and I went searching for wedding bands, we couldn't find one that went with my original engagement ring. SO, (1)Kay's gives you a full refund on your rings (wow, no one does that anymore, right?) so we traded mine in for another one, a beautiful set.

I was obsessed. The band is just a solid pave band so it looks like there are three bands instead of two. Well, I was cursed with tiny fingers, so I had to get it sized, finally after I got it back sized perfectly, a stone fell out of the band. Devastation. The lady at (2)Kay's had warned me, because they were having to stretch the band and bend it so small, I might have problems with the stones in the band. So they sent it back, and fixed it. Then, a couple months later, I went in to have it cleaned and inspected, a week later another stone fell out of the band. Frustration. So, they sent it back and fixed it again (at this point I was basically praising God and thanking all the ladies at the store for convincing me to get the lifetime warranty so all these replacements were free.)

So they fixed the second stone that fell out and we all went on our marry little way. At this point I became even more careful with my left hand. I don't wear it to do dishes, I take it off at night before I shower and wash my face etc., I wasn't even sleeping in it.

A couple months pass, we get hitched, they send my ring off to get soldered, 2 weeks after getting it back I'm sitting on the couch talking to my mom when disaster #3 strikes.

When I went to (3)Kay's yesterday they told me it would take two months to get this stone fixed since it's part of the centerpiece. I haven't even had it for a whole year and I've only been able to wear it 7 out of the 10 months because of the wait for getting it fixed all the time.

Frustration and devastation. Lupe, the manager at the Lawton (4)Kay's told me she would give me two options. 1) I could send it off for two months, but there's no guarantee that this would be the last stone to fall off. At this point it's just the ring and this probably won't be the last time. 2) You can exchange it for a different one.

I was talking to my best friend about it later and she asked me if I was sad since this is the ring we got married with... But I think the ring is a symbol of the marriage, not necessarily the wedding itself. And as much as I love my ring. I'd much rather have one that I get to wear ALL the time and not have to take to the shop every other month.

ALL THIS TO SAY: (5)Kay's is the only place to shop for jewelry. They will 100% work with you and they are so nice and helpful.

P.S. All the links are some of the one's I'm looking at... and I'm terrible at making decisions..... so feel free to leave your opinions below! :)
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  1. First of all, UGH on losing stones. You seem so calm and I would be so frustrated and so not calm, hah! Second, I just spent forever looking at your ring options, hah! I'm so torn because I really like them all. So I'll break it down.
    I thought I liked 1, but the picture makes the ring look weird, so I'm not sure I like it as much as the others. However, it could look beautiful in person, so it's hard to tell! I looove the band on #2, love. But if you're going for a straight wedding band, then I'm not sure how it'd look with that curvier band. It'd be something you'd need to try on and see what they look like together, ya know? #3 is like a happy medium. It's got the beautiful, interesting band, but it's straight-ish enough that a straight wedding band would probably look great with it. #4, there's just something so classic and elegant about it and I was surprised I didn't dismiss it right away! It's just so damn classy! Okay, so those are my thoughts. #5 was just the wedding band, right? Like that, obviously. No real comments there!
    So longest comment ever.. I'm gonna go now..

  2. Seriously the same stuff happened to me with my engagement ring. Stones kept falling out (3 different times) and they said that because they sized it so small it compromised the setting or something like that. I haven't had a stone fall out since March (knock on wood) but I'm worried I'm setting myself up for a lifetime of trips to the jewelry store. I didn't go to Kay, but we did opt for this store's version of a lifetime warranty..thank the Lord!