Saturday, October 4, 2014

#Blogtober14: Smile for the Camera!

"Favorite Instagram Post"

Obviously I couldn't pick just one because a lot of thought and effort goes into Instagram pictures. You have to get just the right angle with just the right lighting, and of course you have to add just the right filter. Even after ALL of those criteria have been met, sometimes it's still a miss. You only get two or three likes. Immediately you realize that the world as a whole hates you and you have nothing else to live for because NO ONE liked your picture about the road construction. 
Just kidding.. my life isn't THAT dramatic ever all the time.
So I picked a few that I liked. 

This is from New Years eve.... 2 years ago? That's not wine, it's sparkling apple juice. Unfortunately... jk.. kind of.. moving on.
This is from my birthday in July. We'd just taken our engagement pictures and Roland's mom and sisters came over to celebrate with cake. And they brought my cutest little nephew!  
This is my brother, Brandon. This is also why it takes 10+ hours to take any kind of family photo.
This was at Brandon's BMT Graduation 2 years ago. Obviously, we're really photogenic.
This is Toby. How adorable was he as a little puppy with his little lay down ears?! MEEP.
This is my super sassy nephew Braden. Look at that face he is making!?
And obviously, I couldn't do an Instagram post without a #selfie. 
Side Note: I haven't been able to get my eyeliner to look like this again once. NOT ONCE.

I narrowed it down a lot. I originally had a lot more than this. I guess you'll just have to follow me on Instagram to see the rest of my artistic selfies and witty captions. 
(It's ok I know you're really only hopping over to see pictures of Toby and Braden.......) 
My Instagram is private because it's my personal Instagram. But if you just hit that little request button I'll accept! If you want to leave a little comment saying "hey, you have really awesome hair, I'm going to follow you on Instagram in like ten seconds." It wouldn't hurt! (You don't have to compliment my hair...) (but it wouldn't hurt... just kidding.) 

Helene in Between

Happy Saturday y'all!

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  1. I love all of these Instagram photos. Your nephew is so adorable. And those pictures of you and your brother in front of the Christmas tree - hilarious. I want to cuddle that puppy so hard. Awww. So cute!

  2. I love the pictures. Toby is absolutely adorable.