Sunday, October 5, 2014

#blogtober14: Fall Bucket List

"Fall Bucket List"
Ahhh bucket lists. I'm not a big bucket list maker. Mainly because I know I won't get any of it done and then I'll be disappointed, then I'll get depressed trying to figure out why I can't just get it done. So generally I end up not being able to think of anything, because "I know I won't do that, no point in even putting it on there." Or I add stuff I already know is happening. Just wait, you'll see. 
My best friend is very driven. Every year she sets herself up with a couple of New Years Resolutions and every year she accomplishes them. I remember over the years, when she told me a couple of them I was speechless. "How do you have this much will power" I would think to myself. I still ask her that sometimes. She's a runner, I hate running. It's strenuous, it makes me sweat. Could I stand some exercise? Probably. But why? When it's so much easier to binge watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Anyway, I'm off track. She gives up crazy stuff like french fries and soda and gum..... the year she gave up chewing gum it wasn't even a new years resolution..... it was like July and she said "hey do want this gum? I don't chew it anymore." "Why not? and is there something wrong with it?" "No! One day I just wanted to see if I could stop chewing gum." 
She does crazy stuff like this all. the. time.
I figured for the sake of #blogtober14 I would make a Fall Bucket List. 
Even though here in Oklahoma, it doesn't actually become "fall" until mid-November. It'll be in the 90's for the rest of the month, and then it'll be "fall" for like a week before it's 20 degrees for the rest of the year. Oh my gosh, Sarah stop rambling please.
1. Eat Caramel Apples:
I realize a lot of people want to make there own, because they probably taste better that way. But do you guys realize how much work that really is? Especially when they sell them pre-made! It's probably not as much work as I'm making it out to be... I should probably try it. 
2. Make Caramel Apples:
I hope you guys are happy. 
3. Get Married: 
Is this cheating? Since it's happening anyway? I'm going with it. 
4. Take a vacation:
This is probably definitely cheating since we've had our plane tickets since July. Told you guys.
5. Wear leggings everyday.

I told you guys I was really bad at this.. 
Happy Saturday!
Helene in Between Blogtober

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  1. haha. I'm the same way. When in doubt make a bucket list of things you already know are going to happen. Yay! for vacations and weddings.

  2. I love all of these things on your list! For sure. I'll take some of your homemade apples. Yummy! :)

    Mandie ~