Friday, October 3, 2014

#Blogtober: I know you want it.

It's Friday Y'all.
Today's prompt is "One thing you can't live without"

Obviously my first thought was Chick-fil-a. What was life even before those delicious nuggets and delectable sweet tea? Dreadfully tasteless, that's what. 
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But I guess if we're being honest, there's probably a couple things I couldn't live without. 
 My phone. It's so much easier now a days, the fact that anyone can get a hold of you whenever they feel like they need to tell you something no matter how trivial. hashtag sarcasm. It's not necessarily easier in that way, but when I need to ask Roland a question it's easy to just shoot him a text. "Hey what time are you getting off?" "What do you want for dinner?" "Will you pick up Chick-fil-a?" (Obviously there's a theme going on here.) "I know we said we weren't eating out this week but I don't care." But sometimes it's tedious. Like when you're trying to do a million things AND haveing a conversation with someone. Multi-tasker I am not. 
My car. For awhile Roland and I talked about down sizing to one car. Which I'm not against, for years my parents had one car, and just think of all the money we'd save. The first time we talked about it, it wasn't really possible. He had a weird schedule where sometimes he worked till nine, and sometimes he worked till 6, but he never went to lunch at the same time. I had a set schedule (creature of habit) and still do. I try to leave for work by 7:50 to get there by 7:56ish. I go home for lunch at 12, I come back to work at 12:50 to be back by 12:56, and I go home at 5:00. It's definitely a larger possibility now that Roland has a more set schedule. But he doesn't get off until 6, and like to use that time to go home and sit on the couch and maybe think about cooking something.... 
Soda/Sweet Tea. I know soda is super unhealthy for you (especially the OG Coca Cola) but I can't live without the stuff. I'm sure if I tried hard enough I maybe might be able to, but I wouldn't be nearly as fun to be around. Sometimes I just crave a nice fizzy soda. And sweet tea is the drink of my ancestors. Right fully so. The best places to get sweet tea are McAlister's and Chick-fil-a. 
Macaroni and Cheese. One of my favorite bloggers posted about a bunch of different types of macaroni and cheese a couple weeks ago. I bookmarked that post, a) because I like to torture myself apparently, b) because I love macaroni and cheese. If you have never had McAlister's macaroni and cheese, you have not lived life. It is seriously the cheesiest, noodliest, meltiest goodness ever invented. Go. Eat it. Now. Or call me, I'll have some sent to you if you're not near a McAlister's. 
Helene in Between
And of course the basic answers, Roland, Toby, my family.... the ones everyone already knows. 
Happy Friday!
16 days until The Rios Wedding.  
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  1. OMG, Mac and cheese, totally. I should have put that one down instead...

  2. I have never eaten chickfila... and I feel so left out! We don't have one near my anywhere!

  3. YESSS. haha chick fil a is everything. oh your post made me think i need to add to mine... diet coke. just gotta love it!

  4. I had Chick-fil-a this morning for breakfast. I love their nuggets, haha! I hope your having a great Friday!

  5. I have to say my phone and yes definitely Marconi and Cheese.