Monday, August 4, 2014

This week.

What a week. You'd think since I had two days off and Roland was on vacation it would have been relaxing. It was not. It was hectic and went by in the blink of an eye!
  Let's go ahead and get this part out of the way
"I can't believe it's AUGUST." 
I really can't guys. 2 months and 18 15 days until the wedding. Excuse me while I hyperventilate.
Last week we celebrated both mine and Roland's birthday, we took our engagement pictures (which you'll get a sneak peak of), we had a sleep over with our nephew (which should be called a stay up all night over.), we registered at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and we've been to dinner with both of our families. 
I guess it's not really THAT hectic, I mean I did get a nap. But it seemed pretty crazy when you're in the thick of it. 

This precious little fella. He wouldn't sit still, he was trying to watch Batman so that's why it's blurry (and yes the one with Christian Bale, great Aunt material over here people.) We picked him up Tuesday afternoon and ran some errands, met a friend for dinner, and finally made our way home to get him to sleep. Apparently, little baby Braden is not used to sleeping by himself because every time I put him in his play pen, he rolled over and woke himself up. So, eventually we settled to sleep on Aunt Sarah, which was ok with me as long as we both got some sleep. The next morning Roland was like "Are you ready for our own?" my response at 8 in the morning with a baby who wouldn't eat his breakfast? "Not ANY time soon." Babies are cute, but MAN they're a lot of work. I like my sleep right now. 
  Saturday was my bachelorette party! Woo hoo! 
  We drove to the city and painted some pottery, (I should have been a mug painter for a living, because I'm the bomb.) Then we went to The Mont and got some drinks and ate! It was such a blast and I love these girls to death. Ashliegh (The blonde in the top corner) drove 8 hours just to be here for this. She's awesome. 
And the moment you've been waiting for. Our engagement pictures! 

  That's not all of them, but those are the ones I approved of. 
Happy Monday!
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  1. I love the engagement pics! Beautiful! But you wanna know what I love the most, your man's socks! Those are awesome! :)

    Mandie ~

  2. Such a cute baby- and even CUTER engagement pictures! (Well, ultimately, your nephew is proooobaby cuter, but you two are adorable and your hair looks gorgeous!!!)