Thursday, August 28, 2014

One Month and Twenty-One Days

That's right folks. Almost 50 days until I'm getting married. I try not to talk about wedding stuff on here, mainly because it overwhelms me with how much there still is to do in almost 50 days, also because I suck at blogging. So I never take pictures when I'm doing "wedding things" so when I start to post about centerpieces, or dress shopping, or bouquet making I think "well this is probably going to be a pretty complicated post as I try to describe every flower... I should have recorded it...  maybe I can convince my mom to remake them? Yeah she'll kill me dead." 
The other day I posted about Marriage Expectations, because that's what we were talking about in our pre-marriage-marriage-counseling session and it was so interesting to see Roland's list. (which I'll probably share with you at a later date, after I get his permission to put it on the interwebs.)
But what I think is even better than comparing our expectations is to cherish moments that make us laugh and smile on this journey to being man and wife. I think the people with the best marriages or relationships are the people that can make anything into a joke, or have fun with just about anything... like expectations for example. 

He never text me back after I suggested I just work part time... but I laughed at his "king" comment for probably 30 minutes straight. 
Cherish the little things. 
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  1. Ha, ha! Too funny! Joking around with each other is always good. & you know, if he's the "king" then, girl, you are the "queen" & the queen doesn't make lunches for anybody! ;)

    Mandie ~

  2. Hahaha this whole conversation seems like one I can see myself having in the next year... Gotta love guys who dream big- and ones who can make ya laugh!