Monday, May 5, 2014

That time I attempted to update my phone....

So Friday I went without any social media on my phone, it's a lot harder than you'd think. Friday morning while I was getting ready my phone stopped playing music, trying to tell me I needed to update it. So I hopped over to settings to do just that, because I don't know about y'all, but those little numbers on top of the app widget drive. me. crazy.

 But of course, because nothing is ever simple when it's comes to updating your phone, I didn't have enough space. So I went through and deleted the expendable pictures, you know, the selfies, the food pictures, the pictures of Toby doing weird things that I thought were cute at the time. I'm sure right now you're thinking "Sarah, why didn't you just back up your phone on the computer?" Good question, I'm lazy. That's why. I wanted to be able to delete some pictures, maybe an app or two, update the stupid phone and call it a day. Nope, Apple rejected that quick, fast, and in a hurry. 

You would think, since everybody and their mom has an iPhone, that they would make it super super super easy. Instead of making me jump through hoops to get all my stuff backed up, or paying an arm and a leg to have extra storage.. Why do they need that room anyway? After the update is complete I re-download everything I deleted anyway so it obviously isn't being stored in this huge amount of space it needs. Also, it would be oh so convenient if they did this like once ever six months, updated EVERYTHING they'd found wrong with it, and called it a day. As opposed to sending out new updates every couple weeks, and having me yet again, jump through these flaming hoops. Come on Apple, get. it. together. 

Anyway, trying to update my phone without backing it up turned into a huge fiasco, and I ended up deleting everything buy my pictures and music. Yep, all my apps were gone. My original thinking in deleting them was "oh it's ok, I'll just delete them, update the phone, then re-download them." The problems began when that wasn't enough space for the update. I probably picked up my phone 10 times to check instagram and twitter. I hate tweeting on my work computer because I can't comment on a retweet... That was problem number two (and number three I guess.) Another problem I've run into is that I didn't realize how much I reallllyyy deleted. I had an app that I used to keep track of all the ideas I had for blog posts, some that I had used before, in my angst to get rid of the little red number, I deleted it.

 Yes, I heard you all gasp in horror. That hasn't even proven to be the most problematic side effect from deleting everything without thinking twice... passwords. Everything has a password now a days.. luckily I usually use the same password for every thing. (please don't hack me.) It's those apps that have super strict rules like it has to have two capital letters, two lowercase letters, two numbers, it can't have any of the same characters as your log in, and it requires the DNA of your first born, that I'm permanently locked out of. 

So this week my goal is to back up my phone, re-download my life onto my phone, and try to decode these passwords. 

Moral of the story: Always back up your phone. 
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  1. I know when I had to re-download windows on my computer and I lost everything. It can be really annoying. I hope you can get your phone working right again and re-download the apps.

  2. What a pain! My phone has crashed before without being backed up. Oh the horror!!!!