Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Journey through Blogtopia

Blogland, blogtopia, I've even seen bloglandia. Whatever you call it, it's your little online home-away-from-home if you will. You have your online/blog friends, your clique, your niche, your decor, your opinions, and shopping is only one tab away. What more could a girl really want? 
What's crazy is how many different "countries" there are in blogland. (just go with it)

When I first started a blog sometime last summer I was in a book phase. I was reading anything I could get my hands on, so I was reading a lot of book reviews which led me to the world of book blogs. I actually had a book blog for awhile, but I wasn't reading books everyday like some of those book bloggers, it's a little intimidating. I mean they seriously post everyday or every other day about another book. I couldn't keep up. I'm smart, but I also have things to do. And Hulu +. 

After that little stint in book country, I became obsessed with make up. I've always had a special place in my heart for skin care, but I got really into reading reviews and trying to figure out what products had what ingredients and what worked well together etc. Which brought me to the prettier side of blogging. Everything was so bright and colorful, and everyone's skin looked amazing. I thought, surely I can do this. They don't tell you when you start a beauty blog, how much you actually spend on make up products. Granted I buy skin care like nobodies business, but I'm not down to buy something just to review it, what if I don't like it? I still like to let you know if I've tried something that I probably won't be able to live without, but I'm definitely not hard core selling the beauty point of Sarah's Spiel anymore. 

Which leads me to where I am now, somewhere trekking in the wide open plains of blogland. We need a "I'm obsessed with skincare, wine, and Friends" niche. That's mine. 

So to sum it up, the "countries" of blogland:

The Book Bloggers:
Kind of scary, kind of dark, kind of overwhelming. The third world of blogging. 

Beauty Bloggers:
The prettier side of blogging. Take way too much time on their photos. Have awesome skin. 

Lifestyle Bloggers:
Best of both worlds. Can write about whatever the heck they want, pretty, usually super nice, hilarious.
 My kind of people

Note: I know these aren't all of the niche's out there, just the ones I've traveled through. 
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  1. "The third world of blogging" HAHAH.. I think Lifestyle bloggers in general just roam the fields of Bloglandia. I like to stop over in Book land or Beauty land, etc, but I always just go back to roaming. Where's wine land? I might need to set up shop there.

  2. Such a cool post - I never thought of it this way! You worded it perfectly!