Monday, March 10, 2014

Toby Guest Post!

You guys, I'm so excited to introduce my guest poster today. He's so funny, he has such a different perspective on life (literally). He was pretty excited about this too, so without further ado...

Hello, ladies! I'm Toby, I also answer to: Toby-wan-kanobi, jedi, puppito, papi, food, and no not on the couch. When my mom asked me to guest post on her blog, I was ecstatic. There's no other word for it. I have so much to communicate to the world (mom calls that pent up puppy energy, she doesn't understand that I'm a big dog now at 1 year old.)

I really wanted to talk about our walk yesterday. Since dad was off we went to the ground hog park and I walked the whole two miles! Unlike last time we tried, mom had to carry me the whole time. Mom said the whole story would take to long, so I'm going to touch on the best most memorable parts. 

1. I hate the car. I always forget I hate the car. Mom and Dad trick me with their excited voices like there's a treat in there or something so I jump in it and I'm so excited, then I find out there isn't a treat. Then they close the doors and I'm stuck! NO WHERE TO GO! Once I got so upset about it I threw up on mom's leg... but that's another story, for another day.

2. As we were rounding the first corner there was the most awful noise. It looked like a dog, but it sounded like death. Dad called me a pansy when I hid behind mom, just because the death dog was smaller than I am doesn't mean it couldn't infect me with whatever noise it was making. Apparently it's called barking. I don't think I could make that noise if I tried... I hope that dog gets better, whatever is wrong with it. 

3. Several larger dogs tried to sniff my butt... I hid behind my mom then too... I don't mind when my cousin Buddy does it... he doesn't always look like he wants to eat me for lunch (except one time he snapped at me, mom said it's because he was jealous of my bow tie...) 

4. The Geese. Have you ever seen a goose up close? From the ground? No? Keep it that way. Other than the cat in our yard the other day that was as big as Buddy (he's a black lab) I've never seen anything as scary as a goose. Save yourself, and stay away. 

5. All the markings! I marked so many things yesterday. I bet that whole place still smells like me. After the first couple times mom kept saying I was "shooting blanks" I'm not real sure what she meant. I felt like I owned that place. Everybody's gonna know it's mine. Made that park my bitch. 

Well, mom's telling me it's time to go, I'm getting carried away. Thanks for reading about my park story, see you all real soon!  

Clearing up number 2, Toby doesn't bark, ever.  I've heard him bark twice. Once at my parents other black lab Macy because she had his toy and once because something startled him from his slumber. 

Have a fabulous Monday!

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