Friday, March 7, 2014


**Warning: This post gets mushy. If you don't want to read about it I completely understand. You've been warned**
Oh for the love of all that is good and holy;  
Thank goodness it's Friday!

Is it sad that I'm ready for it to be NEXT Friday? My mom and I are driving down to Mississippi to visit with my Grandmas, and I'm so so so so excited! Other than seeing my grandmother, I'm mostly excited about where we're going to eat! My Grandmas is not a very good cook.. my grandpa used to cook for her, and when he passed away she switched to lasagna and chicken spaghetti. It's not her fault... I don't think her mom cooked much either. Thank God my mom can cook, other wise Roland would starve! 

Anyway, my Grandmas eats out a lot that's the point I'm trying to get to, and in Flowood, Mississippi they have a lot more options than Lawton, Oklahoma. Tons of little bistros, and the creme de la creme, NEWKS EATERY. Good grief this place is so delicious. I could eat at Newks everyday I'm there and STILL not get enough. The best part about eating in the south? Sweet tea at every restaurant. Real sweet tea too, no the "almost sweet tea" that you find at a lot of places here. Annndddd now I'm hungry. 

If you haven't been able to tell by now, this post is going no where. Which kind of makes me sad because I have a bunch of ideas for posts running through this top-knotted head of mine today. But this needs to be said, so I'll say my piece for Fearless Friday and on Monday there will be some tweet worthy posts. 

Yesterday, I was having an awful day. It was just one of those where nothing was going to go right. It was slow, dragging, patients were driving me up a wall with all their questions, at least 4 people called and complained about their statement, and on top of it, aunt flow crashed the party. So when I called Roland after work to tell him my mom had roped me into going to the gym for "just cardio" I couldn't help but tell him how emotionally exhausted I was from the whole day. My exact words "I just want to go home, put on pjs, eat a whole thing of oreos (because they're not a bag or a box, weird), and watch the Notebook." which is never a good thing. No good can come from watching the Notebook. 

Long story short, Roland beat me home, and when I walked in the door he told me to go take a bath (with a bath bomb from Lush, love em) and relax. You don't have to tell me twice. So I rushed crawled up the stairs, set up the bath and relaxed. Only to be stopped 45 minutes later to the smell of pancakes! Roland had cleaned the kitchen and made breakfast for dinner! 

God bless that man for dealing with me on a daily basis. 
Road trip, food, Newks, Sweet tea, and my amazing man. That pretty much wraps up my Fearless Friday! 

Have a fabulous Friday!

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  1. Boys are great like that sometimes :)

  2. Loved reading your post! Thanks soo much for linking up today!

  3. This definitely made me laugh when you said "If you haven't been able to tell by now, this post is going no where." You crack me up :) Newks is DA BOMB. And it sounds like your man is too- so sweet!!!

  4. awww how sweet of your man. I love your blog!

  5. Just stumbled across your corner of the internet form Fearless Friday and I am loving your blog design :)