Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: What to do?

I'm very opinionated. If I don't like something, it's known. I'm not programmed to keep things to myself and rarely do I do things I don't enjoy (other than work....that's part of being an adult I suppose). As awful as that makes me sound, I have learned the difference between what is helpful and what is hurtful. (does anyone else think about all the things they know and get overwhelmed with all the things we'll have to teach our future children? Just me? Great.) For example, my friend is getting married in May and I'm a bridesmaid. It's a small simple wedding, there's only two of us, and it'll be so cute. Her colors are burlap, turquoise, and yellow. So, when I was looking for a bridesmaid dress I was looking for a yellow dress. I asked her (in case she had any preference) what color she wanted, and what she text back was not what I was expecting... Ready for it? RED. Really? Red? Where did red come from?? A couple months ago we were talking about flowers for my wedding, and I asked her what color flowers she was doing and she said again RED. This was the first bought bout issue with red we had. I told her I didn't know if red flowers would look good on spring tables, at a spring wedding, with spring colors. Red seems very winter wedding to me.
If I'm wrong somebody please stop me.  
I've reached an impass, if I were picking out my bridesmaid dresses and they though they wouldn't flow, I'd want them to tell me, "Sarah, what are you thinking? Was it wine night when you decided this??" Because I want my wedding day to be awesome. At the same time, it's my freaking wedding day, if you don't think the colors blend then close. your. eyes. -ok maybe not that extreme.-  But really, it's her wedding day, if she wants red dresses she gets red dresses...... but what happens if the dresses are bought and the decorations are up, and she sees that it's all meehh? So to tell her or not to tell her. These are the wedding dilemmas that haunt me.

On the plus side, we put our deposit down for the church and the hotel for the reception. Now to find a photographer. Also, my grandmother has a gazillion time shares so she's giving us one for our honeymoon and we can't decide where to go! So any ideas would be more than welcome!

Have a fabulous Wedding Wednesday y'all!
Wedding Wednesday

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  1. Um yea, I am in your camp. I am not a fan of red to begin with but I would probably never choose it for a wedding color. It's really a harsh color. I'd also want people to tell me if I am being irrational. But no one has so far!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. ooo that's a tough one. I totally agree that red doesn't scream spring and could look odd next to her other colors. Pops of red? Maybe. Lots of red? Yikes. But, to your point, it's her day and her decision. I'd want someone to tell me if they didn't like my color scheme, though. Maybe just do it in a nice and careful way, like a compromise: "I know you love red and that's awesome. I understand that's what you want but what if our bouquet had pops of red wild flowers to brighten other spring flowers instead of bold red dresses? I don't want the bridesmaids to be too loud and take anything away from how beautiful you will look." Maybe show her a pretty bouquet you saw from pinterest or something. Do you think that she would compromise?