Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Day

Roland got a promotion!

I'm so proud of him! It actually happened a week ago, but we had to keep it hush hush until everyone signed off on it. I'm so excited for him.

Today let's talk about Valentine's day. I know some people go alllll out, and get crazy for Valentines day, when I was younger my mom used to get me some chocolate and a stuffed animal. Then in high school my friends and I would just all buy candy and go somewhere to eat it all....

Last year, Roland picked up dinner from Texas Roadhouse and brought it home and we ate in our kitchen. (I can't remember what I got him.) But he got me a Vera Bradley purse and an infinity necklace. This year (since we're planning a wedding and just bought a new car and wedding bands) we're going pretty low key. Roland's the hardest person to shop for anyway. This year I got a head start and I'm almost done with them. I'm doing the "Open When" letters. For those of you that haven't heard about them, open when letters are a stack of letters that have details on the outside of when they can be opened. I'm pretty sure they started out for long distance relationships because a lot of the letters I've seen online are not for someone I see everyday. Since we're getting married this year, I altered them a little bit here's a list of the letters I'm doing:

Open when:
-Today (Valentine's day card)
-It's your birthday
-It's our 2 year anniversary
-You're frustrated
-You need to hear how much I love you
-You want to hear about our future (this one is a work in progress)
-The night before our Wedding
-Bachelor party night
-You need motivation
-Work is frustrating you

I actually had to go back and rewrite some of them, the work one mostly, because I had said something about his current position and one of his bosses frustrating him. Well now that boss is leaving and Roland's taking the position...  That's the majority of them, I think there's one or two that I'm forgetting (because I'm never prepared to write these things, fly by the seat of my pants kind of place around here.) I'll add them when I look at the list later.

How do y'all celebrate Valentines day??
Have a fabulous Tuesday!

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  1. Awww! I love the idea of "Open When..." letters- I didn't even think to give them on Valentine's Day! Yay for a promotion!