Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Is snapchatting still cool?

Ugh, this week has been rough.

I don't even have an excuse for why I was MIA for four days. Technically I was around, reading, commenting, following. I just couldn't for the life of me come up with anything post worthy (and I'm still struggling to be honest). I spent the majority of the time finding Friends gifs, and I'm not sorry.

I probably have 10-15, I saved them on my phone also, so I can use them WHENEVER I feel like it. 

So if you need some reaction worthy Friends gifs, shoot me an email. 

The saddest part about me not posting the last couple days is that I have probably 3 or 4 drafts started, and just need a couple tweaks (except one semi controversial one). It was nice, though, to not rush and type up a post just to post (because I never have anything prepared). 

Kate the (Almost) Great did a post on #bloggerprobz, and it was hilarious and so true. It made me think about the other #probz I have, and currently (luckily for Wednesday) they're wedding related. 

1. When filling out addresses to send paper claims at work, I practice my addressing calligraphy #weddingprobz (I'm sure these insurance companies get these envelopes like who has this much time? Me. That's who.)

2. Every time we go out to eat I think "Would this be good reception food?" #weddingprobz

3. My brain is bouncing from wedding food to wedding shoes so often I don't know which tab to keep open #weddingprobz

4. I wish I could use gifs in my save the date #weddingprobz/#bloggerprobz

5. Snapchatting fun wedding things to my MoH, forgetting I won't be able to look at it again... #weddingprobz

6. Not wanting to go to the gym, but wanting to look good in my dress... #weddingprobz

7. Wanting to look good in my dress, but wanting that whole bag of Hershey Kisses more. #weddingprobz

8. Starting out pinteresting wedding decor and ending with pinning funny memes.. #weddingprobz

9. Having no idea what save the dates, photographer, or invitations I'm going to use, but totally have my rehearsal dinner dress covered and ordered. #weddingprobz

10. Wearing Roland out with my constant wedding questions that he doesn't care or has no idea about: What color shoes should I wear, flats or heels, what color flowers should be in the bouquet... etc. I'm sure he's wishing we had just eloped. #weddingprobz

Am I the only one experiencing these #weddingprobz? Please tell me I'm not alone!
Have a fabulous Wednesday!

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  1. This is awesome! I've totally had some of those #weddingprobz too! :D

  2. Nope. You aren't alone! I have some of these problems now actually.

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. haha love the probz! I think your save the date should definitely be that one! That's one of my favorite episodes!