Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'm the kind of girl:

It's Wednesday! I'm switching things up today, Wedding Wednesday will probably be back next week with a bang. This week has been so crazy all ready, but my super awesome fiance just gave me some great news! This week we've been looking for a house to rent, because our town house was going up on rent, and they're just being extremely difficult. Roland went to talk to the office this morning and she said if we sign another 12 month lease our rent will stay the same! Woo Hoo!
 Today I'm linking up with the lovely Holly at Hey, Hollywood for the :I'm the kinda girl who" link up; go do it so I can read yours!

said car selfie

I'm the kinda girl who...
...can have a million things to do, all the time in the world, and only get one or two things done

...tries to contour and ends up looking like I was beat up or like I have dirt on my face

...leaves cups everywhere. Right now there's one on my desk, two on my vanity, and one on my night stand

...can browse pinterest for hours with the best crafting intentions and never even start one obsessed with FRIENDS. Chandler and Joey are my favorite t.v. relationship

...can't re-read a book, once it's done that's it, on the shelf you go

...hates when a t.v. series ends. Prison Break, Breaking Bad, and FRIENDS have the saddest season 
finale's. I wanted them to go on forever. 

...has been growing my hair out for 3 years and has it in a top knot 98% of the time U.S.A. relentlessly

...purchases planners, uses them for a week, and manages to lose them

...has a million bags, but only uses my newest one, until I get another new one. -what is swapping?-

...doesn't have a Facebook

...takes selfies at stop lights

...wants to be thin, but loathes the gym

What kinda girl are you? Link up!

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  1. Ha! I do the same thing with my purses. My Hubby is like well what happened to that other one..? My answer: I swapped it! That's what women do...DUH! LMBO:D

  2. I leave cups everywhere too! I'm looking around my room and I can see eleven cups, two bowls and a drink bottle. Whoopsie! Haha. I'm obsessed with FRIENDS as well! They always play reruns of the show during winter and I'm hooked.

    1. My fiance hates my cup habit! He can never find one to use because I've spread them all over the house and my car. lol FRIENDS always comes on so late! I want to stay up and watch all of them on Nick at night, but I have enough problems getting up early as it is!

  3. Okay your selfies are beautiful so keep on keepin on girl :)