Monday, February 3, 2014

Depotting for your Z pallet

This Monday thing needs to stop happening. I'm never prepared for it. If every week were a four day week with a three day weekend.. Let's be honest, I still wouldn't get anything done, but one can dream.

As un-excited as I am for Monday, I'm super excited about this post! My Z pallet came in this weekend, along with my Real Technique flat top stippling foundation brush (mouth full!). I ordered the large cheetah z pallet. It's awesome. All of my random eye shadows are all in one place. Now I'm not shuffling through 5 pallet's trying to find a specific color I know I have, but just can't find. I will say, the weirdest thing happened. First let me tell you how I "depotted" my eye shadows.

Things you'll need:

1. A blow dryer
2. A towel (I just used a hand towel)
3. The eye shadows

I did this on Saturday, while watching Law and Order SVU, it took about 3 episodes and 2 cups of coffee. (Granted, I wasn't doing this the whole time, I had to get up and do something else in between.)

1. I put the towel on my coffee table and plugged the blow dryer in,
2. The first eye shadow I did was a duo in a pot. (the weird thing I mentioned earlier happened to this eye shadow, keep reading!) I turned it upside down on the towel, and started blow drying the bottom. I kept my blow dryer on low for the most part, and turned it on high during commercials. (Sorry I revolve this thing around SVU... No I'm not.)
3. Once I had been blow drying for awhile I tapped on the bottom and the inner plastic portion popped out, I blow dried that for a little bit, tapped again, and boom the pans popped out. This is where it got weird, the next time I tried to use this one, it was a cream consistency. This had been a new eye shadow that I hadn't used before so I don't know if it was supposed to be creamier than most powder eye shadows, but it definitely is now. Maybe it was the formula? I don't know, but both the yellow and the orangey color that was in it are creamy now.. I mean I don't hate it, but just beware.
4. I did the same thing to my Lancome pallet's, Clinique colors, Mary Kay, and a couple of Maybelline colors I had. They all turned out really well. Some of them had A LOT of glue that got all clumpy on the bottom, I used a Clorox wipe and rubbed on it for a while and it came off. The pallet also came with a couple metal strips since the pallet is magnetized, (which, you'd think since you're depotting down to the pan it should stick anyway since most pans are metal. Not true, I had to use the strips on some of mine.) I also had to use the strips for the ones that the glue would absolutely not come off. I just covered it up!

Side Note: This will most likely deform your pallet's. My Lancome pallet won't shut, and the pot lid won't screw back on. So, just an FYI, if you want to keep the container it came in, I probably wouldn't go this route.

Well, that's how you depot, and place em in your shiny new pallet! Does anyone else have a depotting technique they use? I'm all ears! Happy depotting!

And have a fabulous Monday!
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