Friday, January 31, 2014

Five on Friday: Wedding!

WOO HOOO! It's Friday and I couldn't be more excited. Even though there are zero exciting events planned for this weekend. My closet is a disaster, so, that's where I'll be all weekend. I had glass from a picture frame in there and of course it fell and broke. I like to live on the edge, getting ready in the morning is almost like the Hunger Games. 

So exciting five for this Friday! And they're all wedding related!

1. The best one, the creme de la creme of weddings: The Ring! My new ring came in yesterday! Mr. Spiel was quite upset because he wanted to surprise me, but they called me and told me it was in! As soon as I left the gym I went to kidnap it from him (because he had picked it up and was working late, that impatient thing again, I couldn't wait a couple hours.) I love it.

2. The second best one: 
The Dress. I've actually had my dress since October, but I went to my parents house last night and I missed it and wanted to see it. The front and the back. I love it. It's classic, elegant, and simple. The first one I tried on that I loved also was the same style, but the trumpet part was all tool. It got vetoed by everyone else though, so we went with another favorite! I'm glad though, I'd wear this everyday if I could..

3. The Location: I don't have pictures for this. We're having the ceremony at my parents church (which, no offense, is hideous, but I grew up there and it's big enough to hold everyone.) And the reception (the real party) is going to be held at a new hotel that's being built here in town. The Hilton Garden Inn & Suites! It's gorgeous on the outside so I can only imagine how awesome the inside is going to look!!

4. The colors: Coral and Gray! Yellow flowers and the boys will be wearing Navy ties! I'm so in love with this color scheme. For the longest time I wanted coral and turquoise, but it's hard to get two relatively bright colors to flow together, especially in the fall. So the girls are getting to pick their own dress and they have three different color options, a light pink, a medium coral, and a bright coral. I'm so excited for them to pick them! All the girls have awesome taste and I can't wait to see what they choose!

5. My favorite, the cake:

This cake, deserves its own post. I. love. this. cake. The ombre, the layers, even the flower (and I don't normally like flowers on cakes.) This is the cake that will be at my reception. My mom keeps telling me I won't have time to eat, if I have time to look at this beauty, it'll be enough for me. Mm.. I love this cake.

What are your five this Friday?

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  1. Beautiful ring!
    Congrats! c:
    I also am quite fond of that dress and style of cake. Ombre cake, love it!


    1. Thanks! The cake is probably my favorite part!

  2. My dress was my favorite part! I still like to put it on :)

    1. Everytime I think of wearing my dress outside of the actual wedding, I think of that FRIENDS episode where the girls all buy wedding dresses. :)

  3. You are going to have the most gorgeous wedding! I can't wait to see!

  4. That cake is beautiful, but not as beautiful as your dress, and NEITHER the dress nor the cake is as beautiful as your ring! Such a pretty sparkler!