Thursday, January 30, 2014

Reasons why I shouldn't be allowed online; #1

"Reasons why I shouldn't be allowed online" originally started out as a list. Things I do when I should be working, but because I have access to the internet, it takes a lot longer to get said work done. Like I said this started out as a list, but because the first one is so massive and involves so many things... It's turning into a series.

1. Shopping; we're all guilty, don't judge. I love shopping. I love getting new, pretty, shiny things. What makes getting new, pretty, shiny things even better? Getting them delivered to your door in a box. Yes, this is encouraged by my most recent z pallet purchase (which, according to amazon, should be here on Saturday!). But, of course, I couldn't stop at the z pallet. I browsed Amazon for about 2 hours before I actually placed the order to make sure there wasn't anything else I needed while I was ordering, might as well stock up right? I didn't get too crazy, but I did order a Real Technique stippling brush that I've been lusting after for a couple months.

Of course this led to hopping over to Sephora/Ulta to see if there was anything I needed to go with my z pallet. Luckily I found some stuff from Ulta (that I'm gonna hold out on until ours is done being built), and did some more research on brushes.

Which led to searching for Beauty Blender Dupes (which I think I'm going to post about later, because I have a bone to pick about this "amazing" $25 sponge).

Which led to Ebay-ing beauty blenders. Dupes and the original alike.

Which led to reading blogs about beauty blenders/bb dupes, and seeing what everyone else thinks about them.....

So you see, one little order led to a whole day's worth of browsing. Which is why I shouldn't be allowed online.

Have a fabulous Thursday! 


  1. Sounds like me when i get online, I browse more than shop though....and dont get me started on the time i spend on pinterest

    1. oh girl, I hear you. My boss threatens to block pinterest at least once a week..