Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wedding Wed-nes-day!

Well ladies, I ordered the z pallet. I watched an eleventhgorgeous video last night (love. them.) and they were giving one away, I don't have a YouTube channel so I couldn't comment on the video (which I think is stupid), so instead of making a YouTube channel, waiting in suspense to see if I won the totally awesome giveaway they were hosting, and then being sorely disappointed when I didn't, I skipped the drama and bought my own pallet! The reason why I was trying to wait is because we're having to put down deposits on everything for the wedding over the next couple weeks, so I've been put on a spending ban. BUT, our Discover card offers cash back bonuses, and we had some to redeem! So I hopped on Amazon and ordered that cheetah baby! Told you I wasn't patient when it came to things I want to own, now.

So, during some blog browsing yesterday I came across this awesome link up, which is so perfect since I've been trying to figure out a way to stream line my wedding posting, so it's not all over the place. It's almost like I was meant to find this. Without further ado, Wedding Wednesday. (Does anybody else think *wed-nes-day* when they type that? No? Just me? Moving on)

Wedding Wednesday

I'm trying to be super "DIY" about this wedding. I made my "Will you be my bridesmaid" Cards, I made some scratch save the dates, and I've started on invitations, but those are probably going to be created, and downloaded to vista print. Also, we have some centerpieces in mind:

I love both of these, but they're so different on the theme front. That's where I'm struggling. I like so many different things, I can't decide which one to go with. I have a million wine bottles on my counter top that, if I don't do something with, are going to start mysteriously disappearing (not so mysterious, Roland is threatening to throw them away on a daily basis now). I love the wine cork candle, and there are so many wine cork things to do, but I love mason jars, like obsessed with them, love them. They're in my bathroom, they're in my kitchen, in my living room.... in my bedroom. I. Love. Them. I can't find a crossing point though, where they look good together. When I told my mom what I envisioned my wedding day like I told her "Ombre, chevron, chalkboard paint, mason jars, wine bottles." These are the things I love. These are the things I can't get to mesh together.... I just want to throw some wine corks in a mason jar and call it a freaking day. Believe me, if you saw my wedding board (which you can, my pinterest name is Sarah McCoy, it's the Roland and Sarah Rios board) you'd know how torn I am. That board is all over the place. The people that run pinterest probably see what I'm pinning and they just shake their heads "look out guys, she's pinning glittery rustic things today..."

Basically, the struggle is real. There are too many cute wedding things out there for me to decide which road to take. Any input is much appreciated! What are some cute wedding ideas you've seen?

Have a fabulous Wed-nes-day!
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  1. So glad you are linking up with us and that you found us! I love that.

    Do you have a venue yet? I feel like once I had a venue, it made the decor much much easier. I also used Pinterest a lot but separated the boards by different categories. It is overwhelming but it's possible to do things yourself, for sure! Also check out local cheaper shops like TJ Maxx or Ross. We found lanterns that we love from Ross and they weren't that expensive.

    Thanks again for linking up!

  2. Hi Sarah! Thanks for joining our linkup! I have the same question as Kristyn - do you have your venue? I think that will help narrow down your options. If not, I feel like you can incorporate all of the things you love, whether or not it's all at the reception venue or not. For example, your invitations or shower invitations could have a chevron print, your cocktail tables could have the wine bottles and the reception tables could have the mason jars, etc.

    Can't wait to read more about your wedding planning! Thanks again for joining!

    PS I always think Wed-nes-day, too! :)