Monday, January 6, 2014

Wedding Spiel: #1 : Serious Wedding Crazies

I've only been in serious wedding mode for about a week and I've already hit a road block.... make that a few. I guess this is just the way of weddings.

1. Our photographer that we had planned on using, decided she doesn't do weddings anymore (no hard feelings I understand where she's coming from, but now I'm back at square one). So I've been Google-ing photographers in the area all day, and everything I come up with is either ridiculously priced, or they're not very good.... I don't want it to look like my dad went out there and took pictures (who is not a professional photographer, but has a fancy camera and likes to fancy himself a photographer.... love you dad)

2. Also, my friend is getting married in the same church as we are, just in June. She said that in the reception area it doesn't allow dancing. (I know you're thinking, "why didn't you know this already, why did your friend have to tell you." It's because it's not actually reserved yet, but the calendar is free, and there's an email in the event planner's inbox, as we speak) What about the father daughter dance? Our first dance as a couple? A dance with my brother? Roland dancing with his mom? My friends, who are crazy, dancing and making fools of themselves? I don't see a reception being ANY fun without dancing.. Of course I can't tell this to Roland because he will be 198% fine with not having to get out there and shake his groove thing..

3. They also said no drinking (no problem, I'm trying to remember this night, not wake up from a black out like I'm 19 again) but all my center pieces are wine bottles (pintrest-ed to the nines, but still wine bottles at heart). Jesus turned water into wine, I don't think he'll mind the empty wine bottles with numbers on them.... they don't have cuss words on them, they don't have alcohol in them... anymore.. (yes they did at one point have alcohol in them, but believe me, it's ALL gone now. Sorry, I'm not sorry.) Maybe this is a side affect of living in the Bible Belt.. Because I don't think people have this much trouble in say, Texas.. or Mississippi...

I've also had to start screening my mother's phone calls at work. She will call me about something I emailed her, and try to plan the next 6 months via one phone call.. I love her, but yikes.

So those are the wedding woes for this week. I made a couple purchases this weekend, I got a new primer by L'Oreal, I'm testing it out. So far it kind of has the same texture as some of the Clinique ones. But I'll do a post all about it later in the week. I know I've been pretty MIA lately, but I'm fixing it I promise! Things have been super crazy. But I'm back.

See you lovelies tomorrow!

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  1. Ahhhh so sorry you're running into these problems - it can be so hard planning a wedding sometimes. We used josh Marshall from sunlit images for our wedding. His prices are reasonable and our pics were awesome (you can check out he wedding tab on mu blog). He is based out of Indiana but he does travel all over the place.
    I hope you find solutions soon!