Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Holy Grail Snackage.

I've done it! I've found the holy grail of snacks.

I'm a snacker -also a bored-eater, but that's a different story- I'm either reaching for something to munch on or chewing gum. Which makes it hard to be "healthy". But, of course, my mom to the rescue! She gave me these Coffee Almonds by Blue Diamond. They're seriously the best thing ever. They have caffeine in them -so maybe I can lower my coffee dose for the day- but they are seriously so so so so good. I've only tried the caramel macchiato flavor, but they also have coffee and mocha. mmmmmmm! Can't wait to go to Walmart later to hunt these bad boys down!

I've also been munching on Craisins -I know, these have been around for awhile- When I say I'm a snacker I mean a serious snacker, like I can eat the whole bag of craisins in 2 days. The big bag. I also sit at a desk so I get bored easily. -going back to being a bored eater- But on our last grocery trip to Walmart, I found Craisins in the little Raisin boxes! Perfect! I can take a box to work with me, and only eat that one. As opposed to taking the bag and eating it all. day. long.

Does anyone else have a snacking habit? How do you snack during the day?


  1. I definitely have a snacking habit, especially when babysitting.
    These look delicious!!


  2. I have been looking for these with no luck! They look so good!


    1. you might have to order them online, that's how good they are!