Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Again? 4 day weekend recap!

Hello Loverlies, and happy Monday! I can't believe how fast last week went by!

Thursday: Scoped out some reception locations and we found the one. There's a new hotel being built in our town with huge ballrooms and conference rooms, so we're going to have it there in the ballroom. The Hilton Garden Inn, the inside isn't done yet, but the outside looks beautiful! I'm excited! Today I'm going to put the deposit on the church, so we'll have those two things done and done!

Friday: Roland and I went to the city to look for wedding bands, which ended up being a bust and we had to come back to town to do it anyway, but we ate at Zio's. Yum. If you haven't eaten at Zio's I suggest you find the nearest one to you and go. It's so good. I always get the Alfredo chicken lasagna, to. die. for. I promise. And their pizza  bread. MMMM, glad it's almost lunch time, cause this is making me hangry. We came back into town and went to the Kay's here in our mall, and learned it was a huge mistake for us to ever go to the city to look. We had the best customer service ever, and I got a new wedding set and Roland's wedding band! Woo Hoo! I'll take pictures when it comes in from getting sized :(

Saturday: my parents watched Toby for the day since it was so pretty outside. He got to play with his cousins all day! Roland and I read some errands and saw Ride Along with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube, it was hilarious.

Sunday, we went to church & lunch with my parents, then went home for some nap time, and back to my parents for some football and hand & foot (it's a card game.. a long card game that involves teams and a lot of thinking. We won by like 6,000 points. That's what's up.

And today, back to the daily grind. I'm ready to be back on vacation. Also, I'm really fighting the urge to order some stuff from Sephora or Ulta. We're getting an Ulta, but it's too slow for me, and I want a flat top stippling foundation brush like yesterday. I've been to Sephora twice in the last week (which is an hour away mind you) and neither one of them had the brush I want. And I only need to spend $260 to reach VIB status at Sephora.....hmm.

Now I'm rambling, and trying to watch Sleepy Hollow, so until tomorrow!

How was everyone else's weekend?
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  1. Oh my gosh! No one ever knows how to play hand and foot! We play it at all our family get togethers. I just taught my husband - he hates it, but I make him play anyway :)

    1. OMG! That's so crazy! Everytime I ever bring it up I get the craziest looks! My parents are obsessed with it, so we taught Roland how to play and now that and Taboo are our go to games! Tell him he'll learn to love it. My mom made Hand and Foot cards with the rules and the point requirements and other things on it.... it helps in the learning process.