Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It's my Friday + Search for the perfect primer!

Today is technically Wednesday, but for me it's FRIDAY! Can you say 4 day weekend! Woo hoo!

Tomorrow I have a couple appointments for wedding stuff, but after that, we're home free! Roland's on vacation, and we get to spend the whole weekend putting together my "Will you be my Bridesmaid" boxes to ship out Monday! (Probably not the whole weekend, and he's not even aware of it yet)

This morning I was doing my make up and I was looking around my vanity for some chapstick, (yes, I know.. second day in a row I've talked about chapstick.. sue me.) I found 3.. three.. three! spheres of EOS chapstick.... I have a serious problem because that's not even all of them. I have another one downstairs in the living room, two in my bag, and one in my desk drawer. I may need an intervention if I find any more. (and that's just spheres of EOS, not even the other chapsticks I have floating around my bag.)

My car has this little hideaway storage spot kind of underneath the console/stereo. I didn't even see it until I got into the passenger seat, so it's hard to see and explain. But I was telling Roland how excited I was to finally have some storage other than my console compartment, he asked me how many chapsticks I'm going to leave in there to melt in the summer, clearly it's a public problem I have.

So it's been awhile since I've talked beauty. I'm going to tell you about the primer I purchased about a week or so ago. The L'OREAL Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base. Like most of you, I'm sure, I'm pretty skeptical when brands tell me things are magic, but L'OREAL products were buy one get one half off and I had to get concealer anyways, so why not. This primer is definitely unlike anything I've tried. It's extremely thick. I was little off put by how thick it was actually. Usually I just dot my primer on my face and rub it in. Not with this one. You have to rub it between your fingers, to heat it up and melt it a little, before you can do anything with it. Also, I've found it doesn't necessarily do anything for keeping my make up on. I mean I want a primer that's going to keep me from looking make up less past noon. This one didn't really stun me on the make up front. With that being said. I really like this, and will continue using it. (probably won't repurchase though, too little time, too many primers to try). Although it's thick, once it's on it really does what it says, hides your pores and lines. It really give my make up a smooth canvas. It even covers up the size of pimples a little. I have a honker on my chin that won't go away, (probably because I can't leave it alone), and it doesn't look nearly as red or swollen after I put this primer on. Also, it doesn't break me out, it's not sticky or slimy, or chalky. I wouldn't wear it by itself. I know people that wear the Porefessional Benefit primer always say  "when I wear this primer I almost don't even need make up." I'm looking at you Nicole Guerriero. But this primer definitely gets a thumbs up for me, and if you don't mind the thickness or having to melt it between your fingers before use. I would definitely suggest this to someone with less oily skin.

What addictions (like my chapstick problem) do ya'll have? And does anyone know how to get chapstick out of upholstery?

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