Sunday, December 15, 2013

#theskinproject: Toning

I'm gonna level with you here; I know zilch about toning. It's always been just something that's part of the "process -you know, cleanse, tone, moisturize- so I've done it, but I have no idea what it does or should do, so this post is welcome to some criticism, some ideas, some suggestions, whatever ya got send it my way.

What I've known: what I've always been told is that toning is just to tighten your pores, to absorb any excess oil and prepare your skin for moisturizer. True; but all my toners have ever seemed to do is smell strong and make my skin feel tight.. Because of my acne, I generally use a toner with salicilyc acid in it. That's seriously all I look for is "_% salicilyc acid"  -lately I've been using the one that comes in the clear proof system which has I think 1% salicilyc- but then I read something on double toning---- read on.

Double toning: things I've read about double toning are mainly from Caroline Hirons blog -I've talked about her and linked her in a previous post- the two toners you should use are an exfoliating one and a moisturizing one. I have no idea if the ones I'm using are exfoliating or moisturizing all I know is they're supposed to help dry up my acne...  I also don't know how to look for this and if this will help or hurt my acne. Ugh; if I could just have perfect skin that'd be great. Can I get that for Christmas... 

That's literally everything I know about toning. I'm so sorry this post wasn't more informative, but if you have any advice I'll be more than willing to take it!! 

Hope everyone has had a great weekend!

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