Friday, December 13, 2013

Five on Friday #3

Happy Friday! I thought this week would never come to a close, but here we are -barely- so, today's five is probably going to be pretty random, because as I'm typing this sentence, I have no idea what favorites I have this week.... oops.

1. Clinique Superprimer for Discoloration:

I know I did a post about the universal primer a while ago, this was another sample I got around the same time, and the first time I used it, I wasn't impressed at.all. This past week, I changed moisturizers, the one I was using was a gel, and this one is more of a lotion-y texture. So I tried this one again, and this is border line holy grail. But I'm going to do a primer post about it maybe tomorrow.

2. Waynes: 

 For those of you not in Oklahoma area, Wayne's is like Sonic, but way better. They serve Pepsi, Coke, AND Dr. Pepper. One of our patients brought us drinks from there today. I'm extremely grateful because I'm pretty sure it's the only thing getting me through the afternoon..

3. Lancome Hypnose Doll Lash Mascara:

 Let me tell you, when this mascara came out I was pretty skeptical. I've been pretty disappointed when a mascara promise's to give me lust worthy lashes, and I end up getting clumps of flaky blah all over my face. But this stuff delivers. My lashes look awesome. I also haven't experienced any flaking, other than when I'm putting it on, which is the most annoying... other than that, I totally think everyone should own this.

4. Vlogmas:

 I am not a vlogger -although I wish I could be- but I'm completely obsessed with Jaclyn Hill, LeighAnnSays, and Nicole Guerriero. I love their videos, I think they're hilarious, and they have some awesome tips. -LeighAnnSays is my absolute favorite, she's hilarious and reminds me of one of my close friends. We'd get along great. For. Real. Call me.- but I love seeing more into their lives. Especially to see that Jaclyn Hill breaks out just like normal people! It's heart warming -although I am very sorry about it-

5. Last but not least It's Friday.. I'm sure ya'll are like "duh... Friday Favorites, normally you wouldn't do that on, say, Monday.." but this has seriously felt like one of the longest weeks ever. I can't think, my typing/grammar is off I'm sure -I apologize- but I'm going to go home, do a mask, use one of my Lush bath bombs, and be back tomorrow energized and with a less boring post! Promise!

Has anyone else felt like this was an extra long week?

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