Monday, December 16, 2013

50 Facts About Me Tag!

Well hello, Monday, we meet again. I'm still drained from this weekend, so a facts post! 50 facts about me, and I tag all of you to do it! (It's harder than it looks I promise) Enjoy!

1. I work in a Dr. office; doing the billing and insurance stuff.
2. I'm constantly looking for good deals, I probably have 10-15 coupon apps..
3. I love kittens, but I can't stand cats (hence why I don't have one)
4. I love cooking, but I hate cleaning it up, so the former rarely happens
5. Mr. Spiel hates going to Target with me because I can literally spend 2 hours in the "beauty" dept.
6. Where I live we don't have any beauty store, no Ulta, no Sephora, nothing. So when I go to the city I always swear I'm going to buy something... then I get overwhelmed by everything and usually go home empty handed...
7. I hate shopping online.
8. I love putting my chihuahua in clothes, even though my brother thinks it's the stupidest thing ever.
9. My mom is one of my best friends.
10. I'm addicted to flavored coffee.
11. I'm a phone case junkie. I always plan to switch between them, but I usually end up buying another one that's cuter..
12. I suck at eyeliner... they never look the same. No matter what I use.
13. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
14. Christmas lights are my favorite thing ever. Mr. Spiel and I got engaged at t a Christmas light festival near us.
15. I drive a mustang and I'm completely over it. I'm ready for an SUV!
16. We live in a townhouse that is extremely frustrating. Mr. Spiel usually has to park on the other side of the complex when he gets home later because EVERYONE parks on our side with a total of 15 parking spaces..
17. I'm not very interesting. I literally, go to work, come home, cook, eat dinner with my man, and we play solitaire or phase ten until bed.
18. I HATE exercising. But since I wasn't blessed with a quick metabolism, it's a necessity.
19. I also hate washing my hair. I seriously go as long as I can without washing it.. the record is 4 days..
20. I've had a gray patch of hair since I was about 18.. and as much as I love being pampered and not having to look at that gray patch all the time (I can cover it up by changing my part, so coloring isn't that necessary.) but I don't have time to sit in a chair for 2 and 1/2 hours to get my hair cut and colored...
21. I'm addicted to LeighAnnSays videos on YouTube, she's hilarious and I'm determined to meet her one day. I'm coming for ya, not in a creepy way...
22. My brother is in the Air Force, he's training to be a para rescue (jumping out of helicopters to save people, basically Air Force's special forces) and I'm so proud that he's following his dreams.
23. My brother is also the most obnoxious person on the planet..... I guess you can't win them all..
24. I'm getting married next year!! I have my dress and it's gorgeous. I couldn't be more excited!
25. I'm obsessed with Becky at A Girl and Her Sparkles, because she has some of the best DIY's and she posts a lot of her wedding DIY's which are my current vice.
26. I can't believe I'm only on twenty six, I'm running out of things to say....
27. Mr. Spiel and I just recently found out we're awesome at TABOO, if you've never played the game you should, because it's the most fun. We were playing my parents and thought we were gonna lose, but both times we've smeared em.
28. Toby isn't the only four legged friend that has my heart, my parents have two black labs that I love almost as much as I love Toby. Buddy is 12 and Macy is 4-ish. They're awesome.
29. I've had this saved as a draft for about 2 weeks, trying to fill it out a little at a time to save for a rainy day.
30. We recently got iPhone 5s' and I don't think they're any different than our 4s...
31. I'm overly obsessed with Michael Kors, and Mr. Spiel feeds my addiction so I blame him...
32. I hate our town (it's ghetto and filled with crime, so we'll call it Gotham of Oklahoma) but I love our friends that are here and living close to our family.
33. My future sister-in-law is having a baby the end of this month and I'm so excited to be an aunt! Since my brother isn't having kids any time soon...
34. reading over this I've discovered I have a lot of obsessions..
35. I love food. Chickfila is my favorite place to eat in the entire world. I equally enjoy subway.
36. I'm a grammar natzi.... When I'm reading a blog and there are multiple spelling errors, or grammatical errors, it bothers me, I want people to send me their blogs to proof read lol
37. My dream job is actually an editor. So, if your worried about your grammar errors, feel free to email me your post to proof read!
38. I chew gum 24/7
39. My jaw pops all the time, because I chew so much gum.. So don't do it.
41. I. Love. Chevron. It's my favorite pattern. I painted a bookshelf chevron. I have chevron cups, chevron picture frames, chevron clothes.... It's kind of out of control.
42. I think growing up is hard, but I also think everyone has to do it.. So you might as well make the best of it.
43. I think the problem with kids these days is the parents.. but the reason their the problem is because of their parents, it's a vicious cycle.
44. I also think spanking is acceptable. I was spanked and I think I turned out ok..
45. I've heard that as you grow up your skin type changes and I think my face is going through that because I've always had oily skin and the last couple months it's been so. dry. Unbelievably so.
46. I was in a sorority, it was a ....memorable experience.. but I did make a lot of friends... and a few enemies.
47. The hardest thing I've ever had to do was pick bridesmaids (which still isn't done yet for the record)
48. oh. my. goodness.... 2 more.
49. I'm the luckiest girl in the world (caking), my fiance spoils me and I get to marry my best friend.
50. I love hanging out at home on my couch watching Bones, Revenge, or Scandal. (I also loved Breaking Bad and I'm sad it's gone.)

That's it! all 50! Minus a few cheaters, sorry. Hope you all have a good Monday!


  1. I can only imagine how difficult coming up with 50 things is. You are more than welcome to proof read my blog posts--I hate it!!

    1. It was a lot harder than I imagined.. Anytime! Just send 'em over! Although, I've read yours and their pretty sound proof.