Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Base of the Face


I'm more of a skincare fanatic than a make up connoisseur, which is probably why I have yet to talk about foundation: the base of the face. -and yes I meant for that to rhyme-

Some Base Background: I've never really had a foundation that I loved. Although my acne around my chin has really kept me from embracing it. I've always just used whatever my mom had in her drawer. So in February I went to the city with Mr. Spiel and we went to the bareMinerals store. They found my color and I bought the starter kit. I loved it, for awhile my make up looked awesome. My skin didn't get any better though. It actually got worse, gradually. Then I started using the Mary Kay Clearproof system, and it cleared up a little bit, then my make up started looking AWFUL. Seriously, it wouldn't stay on, it wouldn't cover anything, by the time I got enough foundation on to cover my blemishes it looked caked. So I started the hunt. The hunt for a new foundation that was going to change my life! -needless to say I'm still hunting- Although I didn't find a life changing one, I found one that I love.

The LANCÔME Tient Miracle. I went to the counter at Dillard's and told Candy (my LANCÔME expert) I needed a foundation that would cover, but wasn't so heavy that it was cakey. So she gave me a couple to try and this was the winner! Not only did it look great, but I noticed almost the next day that my skin looked better than it had in months. I've used probably half of it, it's medium coverage, but very build-able. What I've had to learn the hard way though is that a) the lighting in my bathroom sucks and b) a little goes a long way. For awhile I was using two pumps because after one I could still see the blemishes and imperfections in my harshly lit bathroom. Until one day I was doing my make up in my bedroom -I have a vanity that hardly ever gets used, I was showing her some love- with more natural lighting and I still had so much left on my hand -I pump it onto the back of my hand, dot it on my face then either use my beauty blender or a brush- I had used maybe half, if that, of what I normally use and I looked fine. When I got to work, it still looked good in the bathroom here too. So be warned, it's build-able, and builds fast.

The other day Mr. Spiel's gift came in the mail -from Ulta, it's manly I promise- and they had sent me the Calvin Klein foundation sample. I was very excited, I've been wanting to try some new foundation's just to make sure I really love mine, so I gave it a spin.

Maybe it's because my skin was extra dry yesterday, or maybe it's because I've found my foundation go to, and I'm partial. Whatever it was this foundation is not for me. It has a creamy consistency, and smells strongly of sunscreen. Since my skin was so dry, it only stuck to the dry patches. By the end of the day I only had foundation on my cheek bones -where I get the driest I've discovered- and right at the end of my nose. Everywhere else was pure skin. And not cute. So I think I'll stick with my Lancome for now. It gives me the coverage I want without making me look like I dipped my face in a tub of foundation.

What foundation go to's do you have? Have you tried the CK foundation?

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A Girl and Her Sparkles

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