Wednesday, December 4, 2013

#TheSkinProject: My Skin

 Happy Wednesday Ladies! So I'm jumping in (a little late) with Lianne H, at The Brunette Says, and her #Theskinproject! I'm so, so, so excited about this project and I so look forward to reading other posts of people that are in it as well! As I've stated before I'm a skin care addict and I can't wait to pick up some new tricks and products to try!

So since I'm coming in late I'm gonna catch up with a couple posts this week! So this one is just an introduction/breakdown of my skin. Here we go!

I have always washed my face (read: I've known I SHOULD always wash my face...)  My whole family being in Mary Kay it was pretty much beat into me. Cleanse, tone, moisturize, morning and night, spot treatment, NEVER EVER EVER sleep with make up on, mask, deep moisturize... I've heard it ALL. (side note: Did you know your face ages 7 days everytime you don't wash your make up off at night? So from my lazy days, my face is probably 40...whoops) So I've always had a skin care regime, I haven't always USED it... but it's been there sitting on my counter, staring me down, giving me an evil eye...

When I was in highschool I would wash my face all the time, and I never wore that much make up.. I would get a pimple every now and then, but nothing to write home about. Then, when I graduated highschool, my face went through a rebellion... I'm still to this day (5 YEARS LATER) trying to tame the rebel. I have good days and bad days. But the good ones are a lot fewer and further between than the bad ones. Last week I got a break out from "that time of the month" 9. nine. NINE! Cyst pimples that are just huge, red, and ugly on my chin. Ugh, I wanted to throw every face thing out the window and just give up. It's been a week and I'm still wrestling with these guys. I'm killing 'em off though, a couple at a time. Now I'm down to three major ones. This happens on a regular basis, and I know it's hormonal, and I know that birth control would probably help... but what happens when Mr. Spiel and I tie the knot and I want to go off bc? It's all going to come back to haunt me? Ugh, men have it so easy. All Mr. Spiel worries about is how to trim his beard....

When it comes to my skin type, I tend to lean more towards oily skin products. I have a very oily t-zone but my cheeks are pretty normal -except during the winter, my whole face gets really dry to wear I can't use ANY oily skin products because they make me peel.. yuck.-

So that's my skin! Rebel, oily, dry when it wants... It pretty much does it's own thing and I'm just along for the ride... Hope you enjoyed this  and come back for more of #TheSkinProject!


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