Thursday, December 5, 2013

Face Spiel: My search for the perfect primer #3

 Happy Thursday everyone! It's snowing here in Oklahoma -but I'm still at work, I see a problem here- Today we're going back to my search for the perfect primer. I got some samples from Clinique of their Superprimer Face Primers. I got the Universal Primer, Color Corrects Dullness, and Color Corrects Discoloration. Today I'm just going to talk about the Universal Primer, so here we go!

NEW Superprimer Face Primers  

I liked this primer, more than other ones I've used actually. It has a different consistency than most primers. It's more of a lotion -which seemed to work better, especially since my skin has been extremely dry lately-. It didn't make my skin feel slick or greasy like most of the gel-ish textured primers I use..  I read some of the reviews on the Clinique website and there were a lot of negative ones. I actually didn't find that this one made me oilier, it absorbed pretty quickly. I will say though, this primer did not blow my mind. I liked the texture better, it seemed to tend to the needs of my skin for the most part, but it didn't necessarily make my make up look any better, nor did it make it last much longer than any other primer... 

The search is still on, but I feel like I'm heading in the right direction! What primer do ya'll use?

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