Friday, December 6, 2013

Five on Friday #2

Happy Friday! We're all snowed in here in Oklahoma! Guess who still has to go to work!! To check in a total of 3 patients! -I'm a little peeved if you couldn't tell- Onto my Five on Friday...

1. Christmas Lights: Probably Christmas decorations in general, but I LOVE Christmas lights the most. Mr. Spiel and I got engaged at a Christmas light display near us! It was fantastic. Since we live in a town house -lucky for him- I only got to put Christmas lights in my windows -although I'm considering hanging them on the walls, because I seriously can't get enough of them.- We live in a complex that's surrounded by houses, so from our bedroom window I can see everybody's Christmas lights, it's pretty magical.  

2. Christmas Gifts: I'm obsessed with wrapping christmas presents. Seriously, I love it. I wrapped everything we've bought so far, and I'm a little sad there wasn't more to wrap. Mr. Spiel gets his wrapped at work -partly so I don't see them, partly because he hates it- but I wish I could wrap them... Weird? Oh well.. 

3. Snowmen: My mom has always been obsessed with Santa Clause's. Anything Santa Clause, she's got it. Every year I get her a new santa to put on her mantle or in her christmas decoration boxes -because there's about 10 boxes of the stuff- but this year, she's drifting to snowmen, and she's dragging me with her. I can't get enough snowmen things. We have these cute snowmen ornaments (a boy and a girl, meep!) My mom bought us this caaaa-ute snowman that sits on the coffee table, he's wearing ice skates and he's the cutest. I have snowmen socks, snowmen stickers in my windows.... wow, I just realized how crazy this snowman thing is getting...

4. My Uggs: I've had my uggs for about a year and they've been a life saver. It's snowed 3 times this year and I'd probably have frostbite if it weren't for these bad boys. They keep my toes so warm! They're so comfortable, I usually wear them when its a) cold outside b) I don't feel like wearing real shoes or c) I'd rather be at home in my pajamas. -and no that's not every day.... just 4 out of 5 usually..- 

5. Last but definitely not least, also not Christmas related, my new MK bag! 
This beauty was supposed to be a Christmas present, but I got it early, and I'm so glad I did! I love it! It's not too big, I don't lose everything in it. It's the perfect size, and sturdy!

What are your five favorites this Friday?!


  1. that Micheal Kors bag its awesome !! prefect bag !! would you like to follow each other on GFC dear :) xx

    1. It is the perfect bag! And yes of course!

  2. I have been wanting those uggs for a while! I love your blog - I am a new follower! I am so glad you did the link up so that I found it!

    1. Thank you! I am too! I've been following you for awhile and I love your blog. And those Uggs are awesome. I'm sure it's not too late to ask Santa. :)