Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hair Spiel: Pre-poo

 Happy Tuesday Lovelies!
 Today we're talking about hair, specifically the act (and sometimes art) of pre-pooing. 

Let's start off with a little hair-background (I know I've gone into this before, but for new readers): I have super, super, super thick hair.The strands themselves are extremely fine and silky, but there's a ton of it. Going bald is not a fear of mine. -even though when I was little I did fear this because of all the hair in my hairbrush and shower- I've only dyed it a few times, maybe 4? And I try to get it trimmed every 3-4 months -even though right now I'm going on 5, yikes!-

I'm not real particular on the products I use on my hair. When I started growing it out about 2 years ago I read all the articles, "HOW TO GROW YOUR HAIR", "DON'T EAT THIS OR YOU'LL GO BALD", "DO YOU WANT HAIR DOWN TO YOUR FEET? THEN EAT BEETS!" Whether it made sense or not, I read it. -for those of you out there growing your hair out, we could probably have an entire days worth conversation of it's few pros and many, many cons- So I know the gist of things that are good for your hair, and the gist of things that aren't. But honestly, I don't have time to read every review of hair products before I buy them, and I DEFINITELY don't have time to sit in the isle and read all the ingredients on the shampoo and conditioner bottles to make sure nothing has sulfate or some form of it.  Andddd, in addition to that comment, just because someone reviewed a hair product badly, doesn't mean that it won't work for you. Believe me, I've bought so many things because I read a good review and have been sorely disappointed because my hair said "no way girl, good try though" So with that...... on to pre-poo.
What is pre-poo you ask? Pre-poo is applying conditioner, oil, or moisturizing balm, to your dry (or damp) hair to prepare it for the washing process. Washing is hard on your hair, the hair is most vulnerable when wet, so pre-pooing, makes the washing process a little less detrimental to your locks.
I've read about a ton of ways to do this, but I'm going to tell you the two ways I do it that I've found have worked the best. 

1. Coconut oil: I love it; I'll probably do a whole post on it because I use it so often. There are tons of different ways to do this, this is just how I do it that works for me and my stubborn hair (she's high maintenance).
-with Dry hair I section it into a couple parts (top, sides, and bottom generally) 
-take a scoop of coconut oil (a little goes a long way!) I seriously just use one finger and get a scoop out and rub it between my fingers and do the bottom layer until it's drenched. 
-repeat on the rest of the layers, pull it all up -you can use a shower cap if you prefer, I just pull it up in a clip on top of my head- and go on about your evening. The longer you leave this on the more beneficial it will be. I try to leave it on for 45 minutes to and hour. 

 2. Conditioner. I've been using this Tresemme split remedy shampoo and conditioner. I like the shampoo, but the conditioner is kind of hard to use on a regular basis... It's milky creamy consistency doesn't rinse out easily, but I've found that it works great as a pre-poo! I just use it the same as the coconut oil, but I've found this works better if the hair is damp. I rub it in the sections, let it sit for about an hour, and wash it out. My hair is soft and luscious for days! I also realize (and have this same problem most weeks) that not everyone has time to let some conditioner soak into your hair for an hour. Another thing you can do -I would suggest a shower cap for this one- put whatever you're using in your hair at night before you go to bed, and put the shower cap on and go to sleep! -this one is hard for me because I hate getting up in the morning to shower, so I do it at night-                                    
 Thanks for reading, and I hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday!

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  1. Thanks for the advice!! I heard people talk about this as well as not washing hair so often. I usually can't help wanting to wash my hair everyday. I'll have to try these tips out! Thanks.


    1. I agree with you about not washing my hair.. I haven't found a dry shampoo that can convince me to go longer than 3 days without washing it.. Glad you found this helpful!